How Hitched Can Help With Wedding Planning During COVID-19

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How Hitched Can Help with Wedding Planning During COVID-19

2020 Brides and Grooms! We understand it’s a scary and uncertain time right now. For all of you who’ve had to postpone your wedding due to the situation at hand, we are truly sorry for what you are going through and hope you are able to seamlessly shift plans to achieve the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’ve postponed your wedding until later this year and are now refocusing on wrapping up some last minute to-dos, or are feeling some pressure planning for your regularly scheduled Summer or Fall wedding, we’re here to let you know that we can help with arguably two of the most important items – your wedding bands.

Hitched makes it incredibly easy to find your perfect wedding band, on the couch, while being social distant. We are unique in jewelry shopping in that our customers can shop for wedding bands online and pick out five sample wedding rings to try on at home. You can’t and won’t even need to visit a jewelry store. Once you choose your top five wedding ring choices, we’ll send the samples right to your door for you to try on and test out for five days!

Not only will you be heeding the guidelines of the CDC and other health officials to stop the spread of COVID-19, you’ll have the opportunity to give your rings a test ride. The great thing about shopping for a wedding band with Hitched is that all of your research, shopping, and fitting can happen from the comfort of your home. We even send a real ring sizing tool with our home try-on so that you can make sure you have the perfect fit.

How to make wedding band shopping fun and easy while at home 

Only a few days in and we’re all feeling a little stir crazy. Here are a few ways you can make the home try-on experience even more fun!

Make It A Date Night: Order your favorite take-out (support local restaurants!), fancy it up with a special bottle of wine, hunker down in front of the computer and browse wedding rings with your beau. You can discuss whether you want your bands to match, juggle the pros and cons of various metals available, and peak around at the various colors and finishes available. 

Pick Five and Compare: Browse our extensive selection of wedding bands, and task each of you with independently choosing your top five. Come together when you have them and compare your choices! Were you in sync or totally off? See which styles are in line with both of your preferences. 

Surprise Your Groom: Maybe the groom just isn’t into shopping. Brides take note and surprise him with the home try-on. Pick out five rings you think your man will love and have them shipped out to you along with the ring sizing tool. Now all he has to do is try them on and firm up his ring size. What could be easier? Get started now.

At-home wedding band research 

Our website is full of informative wedding band resources. 

Not sure what metal you like? Read about the different metals available and learn which fits your lifestyle best. Can’t decide on a 14K Gold or Tungsten wedding ring but know you like the traditional yellow color? Order both and we’ll send them out so you can feel the weight of each and make a decision. 

What about width? No hand is shaped alike! Your wedding band is available for purchase on our website in a variety of widths to compliment the size of your hand, your lifestyle, and how you would like the ring to feel. Not sure which look you prefer? Learn more about width sizes and compare their looks here. 

Try on wedding bands at home

Don’t let a pandemic get you down! Keep the spark and excitement alive in the wedding planning process with Hitched. We make it easy with the Hitched home try-on. Choose five wedding bands that speak to you, place your order, and we’ll package them up and ship them out for you to try on, right from the comfort of your own home. Ladies, found a ring you love but it isn't available for home try-on? Use your fiance's ring sizer to firm up your fit and order direct. We offer free exchanges and returns within 30 days! Get started.