Matching Wedding Band Sets for Him and Her

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Matching Wedding Band Sets for Him and Her 

Is yours a match made in heaven? Solidify your matrimonial connection with matching wedding bands. While there is nothing that says your wedding bands have to look the same, many couples are opting to express their unity with his and hers wedding band sets. 

At Hitched, we have many great options for wedding bands for couples. In fact, we’ve curated a high quality line of women’s wedding bands in the precious metals with personalized customizations available to make matching your wedding rings a breeze. 

Metal Options for Wedding Ring Pairings 

Our women’s wedding bands are available in 14k gold and platinum. Platinum is known for its high desirability and status. The precious metal is medium in hardness compared to 14k gold, a softer metal. Because pure gold is so soft, gold wedding bands are an alloy, with 14K gold wedding bands consisting of about 58% pure gold. Our gold wedding rings are incredibly affordable with women’s gold wedding bands starting at just $249.

Platinum rings consist of 95%-98% pure platinum, which is one reason they are more expensive. However, ours are still affordable, with all platinum bands available for under $1,000. 

Grooms may choose the same metal as the bride, but he also has the option of complimenting her ring with a titanium or tungsten wedding band, both more durable than 14K gold and platinum. 

Color Options for His and Hers Wedding Bands

All of our 14K gold wedding bands are available in traditional yellow, white, and rose gold. Men have the added option of choosing from a selection of tungsten wedding bands that allow for colorful inlays and interiors. This is great for couples who are shopping for wedding bands that are similar in style but not fully matching. 

His + Hers Wedding Band Pairing Examples

There are a couple of ways to approach wedding band matching. One option is to order rings in the same metal, color, and style; the only difference being in width. A second option is to personalize each ring pair by adding your own unique spin.

For a Perfect Wedding Band Set

It’s possible for couples to have wedding bands that match perfectly. Each can opt for a wedding band in 14K gold or platinum. Our 14K gold wedding bands are available in yellow, white, and rose gold. Platinum wedding bands are silver, or white, in color. Personalize your rings with a custom finish in polished, matte, brushed, scratched, hammer, or brushed hammer. Whether you’re a traditional couple or modern pair, there is a custom wedding band just for you. Some ideas:

Matching Wedding Bands With a Personal Touch

If you want your wedding bands to be somewhat similar but with a unique spin, add your own personal touch with these his and her wedding band combinations: 

Add personalized engraving to really tie them together! Engraving is only available on precious metal bands (14K gold and platinum) in widths of 2mm and wider. 

The best part is that with Hitched you can order a few different combinations, try them on at home, and then make your final selection. Make it a date night, pour a glass of wine, shop for various combinations, pick five rings each, and we’ll send your selections and a real ring sizer to your house for you to try on.

Shop for your matching wedding bands today.