A New Season: Spring Wedding Tips For Grooms

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Spring Wedding Tips for Grooms 

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and your spring wedding is just around the corner! Maybe you just got engaged, or maybe your wedding was postponed… regardless, spring is the most popular time of year for weddings, as the season represents renewal and fertility (wink, wink). 

We know you’ve had plenty of down time, but do you know what needs to be done in the months and weeks leading up to your big day? No doubt your bride has a good portion of the planning covered, but it’s a big job, so step in where you can and help a lady out. She’ll love you even more for it. 

Spring weddings are unique in that the venue can be just about anywhere - the beach, the ballroom, the lawn, or the vineyard. No matter where you decide to host your big day, make sure you, your wedding guests, and especially your groomsmen, are prepared. 

Spring Wedding Attire for Grooms 

Are you a formal gentleman or more of a casual dude? Either way, grooms need to consider the season and trends when choosing their spring wedding outfit. For those opting for a more formal, traditional ceremony consider an elegant choice like the “morning suit” or a tuxedo. Traditionally, if the ceremony is taking place before 6pm, a morning suit is required. If the ceremony is in the evening, after 6pm, a tuxedo is your best bet. 

Less traditional grooms can get away with a suit in light grey, blue, or tan. If the ceremony is happening later in the evening, go with a darker shade. 

Spring Weddings and Allergies 

Spring brings a gorgeous selection of flowers, new growth, and a feeling of fresh beginnings. Less desirable are the pollen and bees that bloom with the new season. No groom wants to look in the eyes of his new bride with watery eyes and a runny nose. If you’re prone to sneezing and are worried about allergy attacks at the altar, make sure and check in with your doctor and grab an allergy medication just in case. 

Another option is to have the wedding indoors (if CDC allows) and ask the venue director about air purifiers. These are really helpful in mitigating allergens in the air and will keep your guests and the wedding party breathing easier.  

Spring Showers 

Don’t forget that spring brings the occasional rain shower. Unfortunately they are unpredictable until about one week prior to your wedding date. Just make sure you’re prepared, and your wedding will take place without a hitch. If you’re holding your wedding outdoors, have an indoor back up plan in place if it is a safe option. Your bride does not want her make-up running down her face, and neither do your guests, and nobody likes wet clothes. If you have an indoor venue in your back pocket, your spring wedding will still be perfect. 

If you don’t have a backup venue that is safe and falls under the CDC Guidelines, make sure and provide your guests and groomsmen with umbrellas or ponchos! They’ll appreciate the extra care you took into making sure they are comfortable and dry. 

Spring Holiday Dates Check! 

Try not to plan your wedding on one of these popular spring holidays. Honor your guests’ traditions and try to work around their preferred days of personal celebration. 

  • Mother’s Day: Always happens on a Sunday in May
  • Memorial Day: Always happens on a Monday in May
  • Father’s Day: Always occurs on a Sunday in June
  • Palm Sunday: Typically lands in March or April
  • Easter: Typically lands in March or April
  • Passover: Typically lands in March or April
  • Ramadan: Varies

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