Tungsten Wedding Bands And How To Care For Them

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Tungsten Wedding Bands And How To Care For Them

Looking for an affordable, low maintenance wedding band? You can’t help but to fall in love with Tungsten. Starting at just $149, tungsten wedding bands are also the perfect choice for grooms on a budget.

Unlike gold wedding bands which can scratch easily, natural Tungsten wedding bands are extremely scratch resistant. Tungsten rings are an alloy of equal parts Tungsten and Carbide. The result is a metal that is stronger than steel and titanium. In fact, it has been used for ages in military weaponry. Because Tungsten is so durable, the metal has also become a popular choice for grooms who have an active lifestyle. Love to mountain bike? Climb? Lift weights? Tungsten may be just the metal you need. 

Daily Care For Tungsten Wedding Bands

Hitched carries Tungsten wedding bands in white, yellow, rose, black, and with blue and red inlay. While pure Tungsten Carbide is scratch proof, you’ll want to be a little more careful if you invest in a colored Tungsten ring. Color is added to the ring in a process called ion plating, where the ring’s surface is shelled with atomic-sized particles, creating a hard coating in the desired color. So, while the Tungsten won’t scratch, the color coating may. If a deep enough scratch occurs, the Tungsten ring will show its natural color underneath. If your Tungsten ring has a wood inlay, you’ll want to take a little extra care

Tungsten can be affected by harsh chemicals, so if you’re using any bleach, ammonia, or other cleaning agent, you’d be best off removing your wedding ring. We always recommend taking off your wedding band, no matter what material, if operating heavy machinery or working around electricity. 

Cleaning Your Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten can be polished by mixing warm water with detergent-free soap, then applying it gently with a soft cloth. Dry it with another clean cloth. When it’s polished up, the ring mimics any other precious metal. 


Sleek and contemporary or classically traditional? Our tungsten rings come in many different styles, sizes, and finishes to match any lifestyle. Whether you’re a conventional guy or a modern man, Tungsten wedding bands can mimic precious metals, like 14K gold, or take a contemporary spin. Modern men will love black tungsten rings, while those who are more traditional will love yellow and rose gold. Natural Tungsten is great for the “no-frills” kind of guy. Stand out with an accented color or stay classy with a classic polished Tungsten band. A flat finish delivers an ultra-modern look while the classic style straddles traditional and modern design. Tungsten truly matches any groom’s personality.

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Thinking a durable, affordable and low maintenance wedding band might be your thing? Hitched home try-on allows you to try on different wedding band styles from the comfort of your home! Browse our selection of men’s Tungsten wedding bands, choose your top five, and place your order. We’ll package them all up (ring sizer included) and send them out for you to try on. Learn more