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About Tungsten Rings

Tungsten wedding bands are a popular choice for today’s grooms as they are very affordable and extremely durable. Tungsten wedding bands are versatile and available in a variety of styles, colors and widths. At Hitched, we pride ourselves on not only our great selection of men's tungsten wedding bands, but their unmatched quality. If you are in search of an affordable and low maintenance wedding band, a tungsten ring will be perfect for you.

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Curious how Tungsten compares to other wedding band metals?
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More Tungsten Wedding Band Info

What is Tungsten exactly? The name tungsten comes from a Swedish word meaning “heavy stone.” Tungsten carbide is stronger than steel and has been used for ages in military weaponry. Tungsten can also be found in ballpoint pens and surgical instruments.

What are the benefits of Tungsten wedding rings? Tungsten is extremely durable and scratch-resistant and gained popularity as a jewelry piece with the manufacturing of tungsten watches. While tungsten wedding bands are relatively new to the wedding ring market, they have become a popular choice for men who are active with their hands. Even better, tungsten can resemble any precious metal with a quick and easy polish.

What is the natural color of Tungsten? In its natural state, tungsten has a steel grey or gunmetal color. However, tungsten wedding bands are available in a variety of colors. Hitched carries tungsten wedding bands in white, yellow, rose, black, blue, and red.

How do Tungsten wedding rings get their color? Through a process called ion plating, the ring’s surface is shelled with atomic-sized particles, creating a hard coating in the desired color. It’s important to note that the color coating is not scratch resistant, even though the titanium is. If a deep enough scratch occurs, the tungsten ring will show its natural color underneath.

How do you care for a Tungsten wedding band? Tungsten can be polished by mixing warm water with detergent-free soap, then applying it gently with a soft cloth. Tungsten can be affected by harsh chemicals, but the ring is extremely difficult to scratch. When it’s polished up, the ring mimics any other precious metal.

How do Tungsten wedding rings compare to other wedding band metals? Tungsten is strong and scratch-resistant. And when you’re shopping for the right wedding band for your lifestyle, you’ll want to compare wedding band materials. Here is how tungsten wedding bands compare to wedding rings made with other common materials.

Tungsten Rings versus Gold Rings: Tungsten wedding bands are less than half the price of gold wedding bands, making them a much more affordable option. In terms of durability, tungsten takes the cake. Tungsten wedding bands are significantly more scratch-resistant than gold wedding rings, making them more desirable to those whose hands are frequently exposed to rough or harsh conditions. Finally, while gold wedding bands can be resized and refinished, tungsten wedding rings cannot, so you’ll want to be sure you have the perfect fit before ordering a tungsten wedding ring.

Tungsten Rings versus Ceramic Rings: Tungsten wedding bands are heavier in weight and slightly more durable than ceramic wedding bands. Tungsten wedding bands also come in a wider variety of colors and styles than ceramic wedding bands but keep in mind that colored tungsten is ion-plated, which means that if your colored tungsten wedding band scratches, the true tungsten color may show beneath. Colored ceramic wedding bands are solid all the way through, making scratches less noticeable.

Tungsten Rings versus Cobalt Rings: Tungsten and cobalt are both very durable and scratch-resistant, although tungsten wedding rings will demonstrate slightly higher durability than Cobalt. Cobalt wedding bands can be resized up to a full size larger or smaller, while tungsten rings cannot be resized.

Tungsten Rings versus Titanium Rings: Tungsten and titanium wedding bands have a similar price point, with titanium being slightly more affordable. While titanium is a very durable metal, it still does not beat tungsten in strength. That being said, titanium is more crack resistant. Titanium is significantly lighter than titanium, so tungsten rings have a nice weighty feel on the finger. Tungsten rings are not hypo-allergenic due to the cobalt, whereas titanium rings are. Neither can be resized, but they are inexpensive and easily replaced.

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