5 Things You Should Know About Tungsten Wedding Bands

tungsten rings

Tungsten Rings: What To Know

What’s stronger than steel, slicker than silk, and won’t cave under pressure? Tungsten carbide, which makes it the perfect wedding band material for a man on the move. Committed to your bride but not yet committed to a tungsten wedding band? Here’s what you need to know.

Tungsten Wedding Bands Are Affordable

Starting at just $169, tungsten wedding bands are the perfect choice for grooms on a budget. With a price point that low, you could even invest in a couple of rings in different styles and colors to match the occasion. Some grooms choose to have a daily work ring along with a more elegant design for special occasions. The best part about tungsten? You’re not sacrificing quality. Tungsten is one of the strongest metals out there, is scratch-resistant, and shines up to compete with any precious metal. Tungsten is also a great option if you are just a bit concerned about losing your ring (trust us – it happens). Losing an affordable ring doesn’t hurt quite as bad as losing a ring that cost you hundreds of dollars. 

tungsten rings

Tungsten Wedding Bands Are Durable

You won’t find a wedding band that stands the test of the active man better than a tungsten ring. Harder and stronger than titanium, tungsten wedding bands are perfect for the man who is tough with his hands, leads an active lifestyle, or just likes having the security of a long-lasting wedding band that he won’t have to worry about. While tungsten’s hardness is what makes it so durable and scratch-proof, tungsten is so hard that if it comes in contact with another extremely hard surface (tile floor), it can crack. But don’t worry, it’s a rare occurrence and cracking is covered under our lifetime warranty.

Tungsten Wedding Bands Are A Great Alternative To 14K Gold Rings

If you love the look of a traditional 14K gold wedding band but are looking for something more affordable, consider our classic tungsten wedding band. It is available in natural grey, yellow and rose to mimic the look of a 14K white gold, yellow gold or rose gold wedding band. Keep it polished with a clean rag dipped in a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap. Your tungsten wedding ring will fool even the most critical eye into thinking you’re sporting a more traditional gold wedding band. And guess what? Unlike real 14K gold, it will remain scratch-free.

tungsten rings

The Natural Color Of Tungsten Rings Are Grey

As mentioned, tungsten wedding bands are extremely scratch-proof, however, if you get your tungsten wedding ring in a color other than its true gunmetal gray, the coating may scratch to reveal the natural tungsten color underneath. Colored tungsten is Tungsten that has actually been ion plated with other metals that are not quite as durable and scratch-proof as tungsten, so be sure to choose your tungsten color wisely and take your lifestyle into consideration. Want to play it safe? Go with a natural grey tungsten wedding band.

Tungsten Wedding Bands Are Versatile 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a traditional or modern guy. With a variety of styles and colors available, Tungsten wedding bands can be sleek and contemporary or classically traditional. The flat profile delivers an ultra-modern look while the rounded profile straddles traditional and modern design. At Hitched, we offer over 60 tungsten wedding bands to choose from, so your sure to find a tungsten wedding band that’s perfect for you.

tungsten rings

Ready to try some on? Hitched home try-on allows you to try on different wedding band styles from the comfort of your home! Browse our selection of men’s tungsten wedding bands, choose your top five, and place your order. We’ll package them up and send them to you along with a real ring sizing tool so that you can firm up your size if the sample bands aren’t the perfect fit. Get started!