Where Is The Best Place To Buy Men's Wedding Bands?

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Where is the best place to buy men's wedding bands?

The landscape of men’s wedding bands has changed and so has the shopping experience. Don’t settle for what you think is your only option! Find a men’s wedding band that suits your lifestyle, your personal style, and your budget. If you're wondering where you should buy your wedding band from, here are some things to know as well as a few tips to make the process enjoyable.  

Know the Pitfalls of Shopping at Traditional Jewelers and Most Online Retailers

Until recently, grooms have had two options when it comes to wedding band shopping – Going to a traditional jewelry store or shopping online. But both options have flaws! If you’ve never been to a jeweler, here’s what you’ll most likely encounter: a pushy salesman trying to get the most money out of you that he or she can, a limited selection of men’s wedding bands (most jewelers focus on women’s wedding bands and engagement rings), rings that are not available in your size to try on in store, rings that are overpriced, and pressure to buy your ring that day. Yikes!

Then there’s the online shopping experience. While shopping online has many obvious advantages, you may find yourself bombarded with way too many choices at price points that are all over the map. You can never be too certain what quality ring you’ll end up with, and the chances of getting your ring size right without having gone to a traditional jeweler first are slim to none. Not ideal.

Luckily, men do not have to settle for these two options anymore. With Hitched, men can try on affordable wedding bands and determine their ring size all without leaving home. The Hitched free home try-on program allows customers to choose any five wedding bands from a wide variety of styles and price points to try on in any ring size at home for five days! Included with the five sample bands is a real ring sizing tool, making sizing a breeze. With Hitched, shopping a men’s wedding band is actually fun! 

Making Wedding Band Shopping Fun and Easy: The Hitched Home Try-On

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Your wedding band is a symbol of eternal love. Don’t make hasty decisions. Take your time and have fun with your home try-on experience! Here are some ideas:

Make It A Date Night: Order your favorite take-out, fancy it up with a special bottle of wine, hunker down in front of the computer and browse wedding rings with your beau. You can discuss whether you want your bands to match, juggle the pros and cons of various metals available (14K Gold or Tungsten?), and peak around at the various colors and finishes available. 

Pick Five and Compare: Browse our extensive selection of men’s wedding bands, and task each of you with independently choosing your top five. Come together when you have them and compare your choices! Were you in sync or totally off? See which styles are in line with both of your preferences. 

Surprise Your Groom: Maybe the groom just isn’t into shopping. Brides take note and surprise him with the home try-on. Pick out five rings you think your man will love and have them shipped out to you along with the ring sizing tool. Now all he has to do is try them on and firm up his ring size. What could be easier? Get started now