How Long Does it Take to Get a Wedding Band?

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Wedding Band?

On your wedding timeline, where does ordering your wedding band fit in? Finding the perfect, affordable wedding ring is a process, and we’re here to make sure it’s easy and seamless. From shopping for your men’s wedding band to receiving your shiny new ring, give yourself plenty of time to understand your options. From metals to widths to custom options, research what fits your style and lifestyle. The best place to buy men’s wedding bands isn’t at the jewelers - it’s online, where you can get the information you need, shop, and try on wedding bands right from the comfort of home. 

Working backwards, make sure and order your final men’s wedding band 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding date. Wedding bands ordered through Hitched arrive within 6-8 business days. However, you have the option of trying wedding bands on at home prior to making a final selection. Place your wedding band home try-on kit order about two months prior to the wedding so you have plenty of time to weigh out your options. Home try-on kits arrive within 6-8 business days after placing your order. 

Groom should begin researching their wedding band options about three months before the wedding. Take some time to learn about wedding band metals, widths, colors, and customizations. We’ve put this handy guide together to get you started. 

Wedding Band Metals

From 14K gold to ceramic, the material you choose for your men’s wedding band will depend on several factors, including cost, weight, durability, scratch resistance, and whether it’s hypoallergenic or can be resized. 

Traditional metals include 14K gold and platinum. Our precious metal wedding bands are fully customizable with a variety of finishes available including polished, matte, brushed, scratched, hammered, and brushed hammered. Platinum wedding bands have a higher price point due to the metal’s rarity and the high percentage of pure platinum it contains. For an affordable precious metal wedding band try a 14K gold men’s ring, starting at just $399. 

Active men should choose a wedding band made from a durable metal like tungsten, titanium, or ceramic. If you’re a man with sensitive skin, choose a hypoallergenic wedding band made of platinum, tungsten, titanium, cobalt, or ceramic. 

See how all of our metals compare here

Wedding Band Widths 

Men’s wedding bands are available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm widths. Thin wedding bands are lighter in weight, fit looser and at times more comfortably than thick bands. Generally, grooms with smaller hands, or those just not used to wearing jewelry might prefer a wedding band in a smaller width. Grooms with larger hands do well with wider wedding bands. See what each width looks like on a real hand here.

Wedding Band Colors + Customizations 

Here is the fun part! Make your wedding band uniquely yours by choosing a color, finish, or inlay that speaks to you. Most Hitched wedding bands are available in traditional yellow, white, or rose gold. Want the look of platinum but don’t want spend the extra money? Choose a 14K gold ring in white! For an edgy, modern look, choose a black wedding band, a favorite among contemporary grooms. 

Most of our men’s wedding rings are available in a variety of finishes. Choose polished for a traditional look. Matte gives your wedding band an understated feel, while brushed, hammered, and brushed hammered are great for grooms who want a rugged, yet classy look. 

For a men’s wedding band that makes a statement, consider a ring with inlay. With a variety of colors and materials to choose from, including meteor inlay, antler inlay, red, blue, and more, your ring becomes a conversation piece that reflects your personality. 

Ordering Try at Home Wedding Bands

With so many options available, start researching about three months in advance. Place your order for a home try-on about two months before the wedding ceremony. You’ll receive it in about 6-8 business days, and then you have five days to try them out before sending them back and placing your final order. 

Ordering Your Wedding Band

Order your final wedding band about a month in advance. You’ll receive your wedding ring order within 6-8 business days, giving you plenty of time. If you’re in a hurry, we do offer priority shipping for an extra fee. 

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