Thinking of Upgrading Your Wedding Band?

Thinking of Upgrading Your Wedding Band?

Are you wondering when it is the appropriate time to upgrade your wedding band? When it comes to rules for such important items, nothing is set in stone, but there are a few factors you can consider when you think the time has come for a change! Below are just a few things that couples think about when deciding to upgrade their wedding bands. 

When to Upgrade 

When Your Rings No Longer Fit

When you first bought your rings, you were excited to purchase them. However, over time, your ring may not fit you as nicely as it did when you first said: “I do.” Is the ring too loose? Is it tight? Maybe the feel of the ring is just uncomfortable because of the width. This would be a perfect time to look at upgrading to have a better fit. 

When You Want to Renew Your Vows

A great time to upgrade your wedding ring is when you’re renewing vows, especially if it’s on time for an anniversary. Vow renewals help you to remember your promises to each other and can be as simple or as fancy as you want. Upgrading your rings can make your ceremony even more special while celebrating a new beginning. 

When It's No Longer Your Style

Sometimes, our personal preferences may change due to changing styles and new trends. Did you originally have a tungsten band but now want a gold or platinum ring? Maybe you want to add some sapphires and diamonds? Our tastes can change at any given time, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting something new. Depending on your needs or wants, you may want to make changes to accommodate your new preferences by looking into custom wedding bands.

Things to Consider

Be On The Same Page

Some spouses may feel sensitive about the change, while others will be perfectly fine with it. It’s best to understand that there may be a sentimental value attached to the original ring because they specifically chose it for you, or you chose them together. The considerate thing to do is to make sure that your partner is on board with the idea to upgrade the ring.

Have Your Ring Appraised

It’s a good idea to have your ring appraised first — doing so will help you maximize your budget for the upgrade. You can also appraise the value of the original diamond if this is what you wish to upgrade. Keep in mind there may be a different evaluation between a natural versus a lab-grown diamond.  

There’s No Need to Rush

If you’re still unsure if upgrading your rings is the right choice, just remember that there’s no need to rush things. Making this decision isn’t like planning a wedding. There are no deadlines to meet. All you need to do is enjoy the process while researching your options. Take your time shopping with your partner to ensure that you’ll make the best decision for you.

Purchase Your Custom Wedding Band at Hitched

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