Custom Wedding Bands


Your ring. Your style. Express your personality with Hitched customized 14K Gold or Platinum wedding bands. Select from a variety of finishes, including matte, brushed, and hammered. Hoping for something else? Just let us know, we can probably make it happen.


For a low profile, understated look, a matte finish gives your wedding ring a smooth appearance. It is less shiny than the polished look, with its flat and luster-free appearance. If you’re looking to give your precious wedding band a modern feel without making too much of a statement, matte is a great choice. 


Just like the description, a brushed wedding band features a directional pattern of fine lines. It looks like an artist painted over the metal with a brush. All the lines run parallel, giving the wedding band a uniform design. Classy and timeless, brushed wedding bands are always in style. 


Make a statement with a hammered finished wedding band. Using a special mallet, hammered wedding bands exhibit a unique and rugged texture. Hand-crafted and exquisite, the uniform depressions offer a look that resembles honeycomb. 


You can also customize your ring by adding a personalized engraving in the font style of your choice. Want to hand-write a message for your future husband? We can do that, too. With Hitched, you can create a timeless piece that is individually yours. Need some inspiration? Our latest blog post has tons of engraving ideas to help you get started!

Hand-Written Engraving

Make your ring one of a kind with our hand-written engraving option! A hand-written engraving message can be added to any of our gold or platinum wedding bands. To get started, just email us!

Please note that adding either a unique custom finish or personalized engraving is an extra $20 per customization and will make your purchase final sale (not eligible for exchange or return).