Our Story

Hitched was founded by husband and wife, Chris and Stephanie Sammons, in 2018 as a way to provide couples with the convenience and affordability they found lacking at traditional jewelry stores.

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Our Story

After getting engaged, Chris eventually found himself in the market for his own wedding ring. Visiting jewelry stores weekend after weekend turned out to be a stressful and terrible experience; not only were the salespeople pushy and uneducated on men’s bands, jewelry stores were sorely lacking in selection, variety, and affordability for men. One jeweler handed him a catalogue of wedding bands to choose from along with a small collection of rings that were too small for him. Not being able to bear the thought of stepping into yet another jewelry store, Chris ended up making a purchase with hopes that when his ring arrived it would look and fit the way he envisioned. Not the experience he hoped for.

Six weeks later, and no ring in sight, Chris called his jeweler to find out what was taking so long; he and Stephanie had a destination wedding planned, and time was running out. It came to light that the jeweler had forgotten to place his order with the manufacturer and his ring would not be available in time for the wedding. Scrambling to find another option, Chris and Stephanie ordered several rings in a variety of styles and sizes from random online retailers. In the end, Chris was stuck with more than one ring due to inflexible return and exchange policies. To jewelers, men were clearly an afterthought.

Coupling their unfortunate wedding band shopping experience with their entrepreneurial spirit, the idea for Hitched was born. Chris and Stephanie’s passion lies in creating a fun and easy shopping experience that’s also affordable. While the average traditional jewelry stores mark up their wedding bands at 10 times the production cost, Hitched cuts out the middlemen which allows them to offer the same quality band that you would find at a jeweler only at a fraction of the cost.

Our Mission

Our mission at Hitched is to provide our customers with a shopping experience that embodies everything a wedding band symbolizes - love, trust, partnership, and forever. Not only do we want you to love your ring, but we want you to love the process of shopping for it - which means trusting who you are buying from and having the support you need while making one of the most special purchases of your life. We strive to form a lasting partnership with each and every one of our customers. From our fully customizable home try-on program and thorough educational resources to our excellent customer service and lifetime warranty, we're here for you for the big day - and forever after.

Meet The Hitched Team

Chris Sammons


With a background in supporting startups from idea to product launch, Chris brings business, technology and systems expertise to Hitched. After studying business and finance at University of Kentucky, Chris went to work for a Fortune 500 Company which, he soon learned, was not his calling; his passion lies in the challenges and breakthroughs of navigating entrepreneurship and building businesses. In 2010 he built his own successful ecommerce business, which he eventually moved on from to take on various Sales Engineering roles at Silicon Valley tech start-ups. In his heart, however, he wanted to start another business, this time with his wife, Stephanie. Hitched checked all the boxes for a successful business, and Stephanie’s background aligned perfectly with his.

Stephanie Sammons


Stephanie’s professional background lies in marketing and advertising. After graduating from Penn State University with a communications and business degree, she went on to work at various advertising agencies, later taking a position as Director of Marketing in the higher-ed space. Along the way, she always dreamed for a business of her own, one that would allow her to express her creativity. When Chris presented the idea for Hitched, she was on board, and headed up all branding, marketing, and advertising for Hitched, getting the concept out and in front of newly engaged couples. She knows that a wedding band is one of the most special purchases a person will make in their lifetime, and she is dedicated to providing them with the best possible experience.  

Kelly Shockley


Kelly earned a degree from Ohio University in marketing and communications with a social media certificate and specialization in factory and retail. She has worked with companies in Chicago, including SuitShop helping them with everything from customer service to marketing and social media. When she connected with Chris and Stephanie at Hitched, it was her opportunity to take everything that she had learned thus far and apply it to a company that she is excited about and that she could grow with. Kelly now acts as our Director of Operations ensuring that our customer experience is seamless from end to end.

Robert Apa


Rob was born and raised in South Philadelphia and graduated from Penn State University. In his teen and college years he worked at a local pharmacy and networked that into a 25-year pharmaceutical sales career promoting brands in virtually all therapeutic areas. At retirement an opportunity arose to join the Hitched team which he gladly accepted since the icing on the cake was that he’d be working with his daughter Stephanie and his son-in-law Chris who happen to be the co-founders of Hitched. Rob is a proud life-long Beatles fan and resides in Bucks County, PA with his bride of 40 years, Rose.

Cade Crandall


Born and raised in Michigan, Cade began his retail career in Ann Arbor (GO BLUE).  He later relocated to Chicago to expand on his retail, merchandising and leadership experience where he also obtained a certification in Cosmetology from Aveda Institute, perfectly blending his creative background and service-first mentality. More recently, Cade was the Director of Visual Merchandising for a Boston based start-up. Pulling from Cade’s vast experiences allows him to lead our Retail division. He believes that nothing is more important than the power of love, celebrating this in his work daily, makes him a perfect fit. 

Perris Parrott


Perris graduated with a BFA in Metals/Jewelry/Cad-Cam in 2020 from Temple University while working as a custom engagement ring designer on Philadelphia's Jewelers' row. Post grad, she earned her Applied Jewelry Professional degree from GIA online and she's now in the process of earning her diamontologist degree. Perris loves working face-to-face with our customers to help them find the perfect ring for their big day, and making sure they enjoy their shopping experience is her top priority. In her spare time, Perris enjoys designing and making her own jewelry and specializes in sterling silver fashion jewelry.

Wedding band shopping has never been easier.

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