Hitched Is Changing The Engagement Game

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Hitched Is Changing The Engagement Game

Ever walk into a jewelry store and feel immediately out of your comfort zone? Either you’re bombarded by pushy sales associates, or worse, there’s no sales person to be found. Shopping for jewelry, especially an engagement ring, should be fun and stress-free, and that’s exactly the kind of experience you can expect at Hitched. 

Hitched is changing the engagement game with its one-of-a-kind personalized shopping experience. At Hitched, you’ll work with a jewelry professional whose primary goal is to make sure you feel educated, comfortable, and excited about one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Keep reading to learn what to expect at an engagement consultation at Hitched.

What to Expect At Your Initial Engagement Ring Consult

Do you like to have a glass of bubbles while learning about diamonds and trying on a variety of styles? Us too! At Hitched, you’ll be offered a tall glass of champagne (or water, if you prefer) to kick off your appointment. While you enjoy, your engagement specialist will guide you through a brief rundown of the most important things to consider when purchasing an engagement ring, such as The Four C’s, diamond cuts, stone shapes, colored gemstones, and design options. We’ll even talk about lab grown vs. mined diamonds

Designing Your Dream Ring: A Bespoke Shopping Experience

Now that you’re a jewelry pro, it’s time to talk about designing the ring of your dreams. Hitched offers a signature collection of timeless engagement ring designs. Want to add your own unique spin to one of our signature designs? Absolutely! We can customize to your heart’s desire. Have a secret Pinterest board you’ve been carefully curating for the last few years, or since you were 12? Perfect! We love nothing more than learning about the styles you love. Feeling a bit more adventurous and want a colored gemstone, or maybe a Fancy colored diamond, instead of a white diamond? Fantastic! We’re loving Fancy Yellows at the moment. And Also Fancy Greens. All the Fancies, really. Maybe you’re the sentimental type and want to use that chunky old mine cut from grandma’s gorgeous, but slightly outdated, heirloom ring. Brilliant! We LOVE an heirloom redesign!

You’ve Got Mail: Personalized Diamond Quotes and Specs

After your initial consultation, you can expect to receive an email with pictures, videos, and quotes for diamonds or gemstones that were specifically selected for you! You can expect the stones sourced for your dream engagement ring to align with your style, preferences, and budget. Perhaps you had your heart set on a Radiant cut during the consultation, but now are kind of feeling that oh so trendy Oval. Not to worry! Your engagement specialist will recalibrate and send you a fresh selection. Once you’ve chosen your top contenders, Hitched will bring in the diamonds (or gems) for you to view in person.

Viewing Party, Table for Two: Choose Your Diamond

When you return for your stone review, your engagement specialist will present you with the diamonds or gemstones you chose to see in person! Take as much time as your need to compare and contrast the stones until you’ve decided which stone will become YOUR stone. You know what they say. When you know, you know. And you’ll know! What happens now? From here, we usually start with sketches to help hone in on the design. Next, we put everything through CAD and provide 3D renderings. We can even bring in a wax mold for you to try on in person. Once you give the green light, it’s time to put your dream ring into production. 

The Full Package: Hitched Complimentary Proposal Package

After waiting with bated breath, you finally received your finished engagement ring. Yay! But, think again if that’s all you thought you were leaving with. Our proposal package* includes a few free goodies, such as a silicone band and a ring cleaning pen. We also offer one free resize after the proposal, as well as free local cleanings and inspections to keep your ring in tip top shape. Finally, we would love nothing more than to be part of your wedding band shopping experience. You’ll receive $100 credit toward each of your two wedding bands!

Does this sound like something you can get behind? Book a free engagement ring consultation with Hitched today!

*2,000 minimum retail price for eligibility