Hitched Has Helped Thousands Of Couples Buy Wedding Bands During COVID-19

wedding band home try-on

Hitched Has Helped Thousands Of Couples Buy Wedding Bands During COVID-19, And Now Our Home Try-On Is 100% Free. 

“Trying to get married in 2020 has been a very difficult time. Hitched was very easy to use! I have already recommended Hitched to so many people! It was a 10/10 experience!” – Brianna B.

Wedding planning during COVID-19 is difficult, stressful, and at times downright impossible. From rescheduling venues and vendors to closed bridal boutiques and floral shops, “Corona Couples” are experiencing a whole new kind of wedding planning stress. 

But there’s one important thing that couples have been able to check off their wedding planning to-do list with ease, and that is buying their wedding bands from Hitched. The Hitched wedding band home try-on, which allows couples to choose five wedding bands to try on at home, has been a silver lining for engaged couples planning a wedding and getting married during COVID-19. 

“We really have had an enjoyable experience [with Hitched] during COVID-19. We were able to do the at-home try-on, and my fiancé really enjoyed getting to wear his band around the house.” – Taylor I.

“Hitched was exactly what we needed. We’ve shared our experience with our engaged friends, and so far two of them have also used Hitched to pick out their wedding bands.” - Christine A. 

While the concept of the wedding band home try-on wasn’t created in response to the pandemic, Hitched’s newest offer is – the Hitched home try-on is now 100% free! And while the wedding band home try-on experience answers social distancing protocols, couples have found that pandemic or not, the process beats going to the jeweler for other reasons as well: 

“We had gone to a jewelry [store] and it can be overwhelming. The ease of choosing five [wedding bands] that get sent right to your doorstep made sense for us. I was equally impressed with the quality of the product as well as the [Hitched] customer support team.” - Caroline K.

“Hitched was a life saver. Great quality ring at a great price. I was getting outrageous quotes from several jewelers in the area, so I turned to Hitched. Very easy process from start to finish.” - Jacob M. 

“My fiancé did not enjoy going into stores and looking for rings. They were all extremely overpriced and made him really uncomfortable. We utilized the [Hitched] home try-on kit and it was so easy!” - Kelsey S. 

Even the Hitched website was built with the client in mind. With their informative blog that educates clients on wedding band metals, finishes, colors, and sizes, couples are able to take their time finding the wedding band that will work for their lifestyle as well as their budget. 

How does a wedding band home try-on work? After researching various options, grooms pick out their top five wedding band choices. The handy, printable ring sizer helps grooms estimate their ring size. A real ring sizer, along with the groom’s picks, is sent to the couple’s home. Grooms have the unique opportunity to try the rings on and get a feel for the metal on their finger. For five days grooms learn about what the metal feels like, if the width is right, and if the wedding ring suits them. Their final order gets placed and a brand new wedding band arrives at their home within 6-8 business days. It’s that easy.

“Hitched was the LEAST stressful part of our entire wedding planning process. When we hit a bump in planning due to COVID-19, Hitched was the kindest vendor we dealt with, all for a $150 ring! I IMMEDIATELY told all of my friends who are wedding planning to use Hitched (and we have a friend who owns a jewelry store, so that’s saying a lot).” - Megan R.

The Hitched mission is to make shopping for a wedding band stress-free and to offer rings at an affordable price. And now, ordering a Hitched Home Try-On will cost you absolutely nothing.  It’s never been easier to secure the perfect wedding band. Read more about what Hitched clients loved about their home try-on experience.