Do The Bride And Groom’s Wedding Bands Have To Match?

matching wedding bands

Photographer: Katie Martin Photography

Weddings offer the unique opportunity for a bride and groom to incorporate each of their unique styles in a cohesive way while celebrating individual personalities. As you start thinking forward from the day-of to the days-to-follow, you may be wondering about whether or not your wedding bands should match. Traditionally, wedding bands match, but thoughts on tradition are changing. Matching bands might not make sense in the long run. Wedding bands are worn every day, and you’ll want to take into consideration the various options available and your individual lifestyles. If you’re still on the fence, we’ve put together some considerations to help you make this important decision.

If you’re a sucker for tradition:

If you both have decided that you want your bands to match, that’s great! Brides and grooms can find something that speaks to unique personalities and lifestyles and still be similar. Women tend to gravitate toward precious metals, while men usually find interest in the nonprecious variety. At Hitched, you can have matching bands in a metal suited to your lifestyle because we carry gold bands and tungsten bands in white, yellow and rose. This makes matching achievable without having to sacrifice metal preference. You can learn more about metal types and durability here.

matching wedding bands

Who says you can only have one wedding band?

Purchasing two bands is another option that is growing in popularity and allows couples to enjoy the best of both worlds. Maybe it’s important for you to match for wedding pictures or for other special occasions. No problem – indulge yourself and tradition and have a band for those important moments. It’s ok to have another one that is reserved for day-to-day use. Something more rugged and individualized may be used more often for work and everyday activity. Men’s wedding bands are affordable - and ours are even more affordable than the jeweler - purchasing a couple to be worn for different occasions won’t break the bank.

Saying goodbye to tradition:

Maybe you aren’t really concerned about matching bands – that’s okay too. You and your groom might have completely different ideas about what your wedding band should look like and at the end of the day, maybe all that matters is finding something that you’ll like and want to wear daily. While this may open up additional options, you can still keep the search stress-free by using the same tips above and narrowing down what you like based on color and material. You can also use this as an opportunity to get a band that really matches your personality. Whether you’re more into simple bands or something more complex, you have great options. Did you know you can even add a color to a band like red or blue, or add a wooden or meteorite inlay? 

If you are undecided:

Sometimes, all you need is to feel the metal in your hand, wear the ring around awhile, and find out what truly speaks to you as an individual and as a couple. Utilizing our home try-on kits will help you make that decision. We are different from other home try-on companies in that you get to pick up to five rings of different metals and styles. Pick a couple that match the bride’s ring and a couple that don’t. You have nothing to lose.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to match or not, we know that you will find the perfect band for you, and we are here to help make the process not only easy – but fun. Contact us if you have questions, or learn more about Hitched’s wedding band home try-on experience here.