Pairing The Perfect Wedding Band With Your Wedding Gown

Pairing The Perfect Wedding Band With Your Wedding Gown

Pairing The Perfect Wedding Band With Your Wedding Gown

When planning a wedding, most brides want to match their gown to their venue, or simply select the wedding band that goes with their engagement ring.  Brides don’t always consider the fun of picking a wedding band that goes perfectly with their dress. With so many bands to choose from, Hitched allows the creative bride to express her style whether it be a simple, sophisticated or a more soft romantic combination.

A-Line Gown or Ball Gown

To match the whimsical feel of a lacy A-line gown or a ball gown, we recommend The Single Prong with Marquise Stones. This gorgeous diamond band has a light, romantic feel to it that will tie in with the aesthetic of your magical gown.

romantic wedding dress

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Another great option to pair with a dreamy A-line or ball gown is The Cluster with Large Round Stones. This elegant cluster of diamonds has a fun, beautiful shape that will stand out and bring some sparkle to your fingers. It is romantic and delicate, full of charm and sweetness. Both of these ring designs are available in full and half eternity, depending the amount of bling you desire. You can go with lab grown or natural diamonds, depending on your budget or personal preference.  Hitched lab-grown diamonds are an affordable option for the budgeting bride, and both options are completely ethical and conflict free. For a daintier look, go with smaller stones.  If you want larger diamonds with a more noticeable sparkle, go with our 2mm width. Size is customizable, so the choice is yours!

Flare or Sophisticated Bridal Dress

For a clean cut sophisticated fit and flare gown, complete the effortless beauty with another touch of simplicity.  The Classic pairs exquisitely with clean, classic gowns. This dainty band completes the look without drawing attention away from you and your dress. In some cases, less is more. The Classic is available in yellow, white and rose gold as well as platinum. If you want a thicker band, we can always customize it to your liking! We will work with you to make sure your ring suits you and your personal style. Starting at $249, this ring is affordable, classy and pairs well with almost any dress.

classic wedding dress

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When wearing such a classic dress, why not pair it with an equally classic diamond wedding band such as The French Set? This diamond ring is customizable in size, color at stone-type, and is a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. 

Lace or Bohemian Bridal Dress

Are you envisioning something unique or untraditional to play into your one of a kind bohemian gown? Contour wedding bands can spice up a simple gown or add more personality to an already gorgeously decadent dress. If you’re looking for something  nature inspired to go with your lace boho gown, The Botanical Contour design is a great option. The Rounded Contour band is also a popular choice, available in both 18K and 14K yellow gold and rose gold, as well as platinum. A contour band adds a fun piece of personality to your engagement ring, framing it with a nice point and a thin setting of diamonds. A similar option is our The Pointed Contour, offering the same options with a slightly sharper point in the center for a slightly more dramatic look. 

boho wedding dress

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Why not stack another band to create a more personalized boho style? The Botanical Leaf Eternity Band pairs beautifully with your ring and a contour band! This band is also available in 14k or 18k in yellow, rose and white gold, or platinum. Stacking these bands with your ring and other bands will achieve that independent, free spirited vibe that you love!