Platinum Wedding Bands Stand The Test Of Time

platinum wedding bands

Platinum Wedding Bands Stand the Test of Time 

Prestigious, elegant, durable, and fully customizable, platinum wedding bands offer the best of all worlds. Modern and traditional grooms agree, when it comes to platinum, no other metal compares. A precious metal, platinum wedding bands can be ultra-modern or timelessly traditional. Platinum jewelry holds its own at classy affairs, yet is rugged enough to support an active lifestyle.  

How Platinum Compares to Other Metals

More rare than gold, platinum is a dense, precious greyish-white metal. It’s most commonly used in its purest form, as opposed to gold which consists of an alloy. A platinum men’s wedding band consists of about 95%-98% platinum, which is the reason it costs more than other precious metals such as gold and silver. 

Platinum is medium in hardness and weight, so while you can feel it on your finger, it doesn’t carry the same heft as tungsten. It’s more durable than gold, but not quite as durable as tungsten. 

Platinum is hypoallergenic, so it’s great for those with sensitive skin. The wedding bands can be resized - you don’t have to worry about growing out of your wedding ring with time! Platinum is not scratch proof, but adds a nice patina over time.

Pros + Cons of Platinum Wedding Bands 


  • Platinum is hypoallergenic and an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin.  
  • Platinum is highly desirable and rare, giving it an air of prestige. 
  • Platinum wedding rings are more durable than gold wedding rings.  
  • Platinum works great as a daily wedding band; it’s durable for the active man and looks great for special occasions.  


  • More expensive than our other wedding bands as it is a rare precious metal.
  • Platinum wedding bands may dull over time. 
  • Platinum is not scratch proof.  
  • To keep up the sheen of platinum, it should be cleaned and polished every few years. 

Cost of Platinum Wedding Bands 

Platinum is a rare metal and the most expensive of our wedding bands. However, compared to our competitors, Hitched platinum wedding bands are quite affordable. All of ours are under $1000. 

Men’s Custom Platinum Wedding Bands

Hitched platinum wedding bands are available in 4mm and 6mm widths. While 6mm is the most common for grooms, 4mm is great for guys who aren’t used to wearing jewelry or who have smaller hands. 

Choose from a variety of edges including milgrain, flat, or knife edge for added flair. To make your platinum wedding band fully yours, they are available in a variety of finishes. Stay classic with a polished, sleek finish. Our matte finish is great for understated elegance. Brushed, hammer, brushed hammer, and scratched finishes give your precious metal wedding band a modern and rugged feel. 

Take it to the next level by adding your own personalized engraving. A favorite saying, your wedding date, or your names engraved into your platinum ring make it timeless and unique. 

Women’s Platinum Wedding Bands

For an elegant yet minimalist statement, Hitched now offers women’s platinum wedding bands. Choose between a classic rounded profile for a traditional and sleek look and the flat profile for a modern, edgy feel. Our women’s platinum bands come in 1.5mm and 2mm widths for a petit, polished statement. 

Our platinum women’s wedding rings are customizable and available in the same finishes as men’s wedding bands. Choose from matte, brushed, hammer, brushed hammer, and scratched. It’s perfect for couples who want their wedding bands to match!

If platinum is not within your price range currently, consider a White Gold Wedding Band, starting at only $300.

Ready to try on your new wedding band? Order your favorite selections and we’ll send you our wedding band home try-on kit where you can get a feel for each selection and find your true size with a real ring sizer; all from the comfort of home. Shop now.