5 Magical Rings To Complete Your Aesthetic For A Fairytale Wedding

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5 Magical Rings To Complete Your Aesthetic For A Fairytale Wedding

Are you looking for a magical wedding band for your fairytale-themed wedding? Do you desire a unique nature-inspired ring that will make you feel like a fairy queen? Hitched offers a variety of unique women’s wedding bands that will complete your fantastical aesthetic especially if you’re looking for custom-made wedding rings in Philadelphia

Hitched Nature Inspired Rings

With so many options, here are five of our most whimsical designs to make you feel like a princess on your big day. 

1. The Jasmine Diamond Contour Ring

This beautiful ring is a dainty, graceful style that will compliment your ring. This band features a beautiful marquise diamond that sits in a delicate swirling design at the top of the ring. Feminine and charming, The Jasmine frames your engagement ring without overshadowing it. 

2. The Ivy Diamond Contour Ring

The shape design of this ring is a fun, romantic design that will beautifully frame your engagement ring with an assortment of diamonds that mimic leaves. The Ivy design is perfect for the nature-inspired bride.     

3. Botanical Leaf in Full Eternity

Another exquisite nature-inspired band is the Botanical Leaf in Full Eternity. This ethereal band imitates the beauty of leaves twisting around the band in vibrant diamonds. It is a must-have for a fairytale wedding! Both of these styles are available in 14k or 18k gold, in yellow, rose and white colors, as well as platinum.  Whatever your heart desires!

Hitched Ring Guards

4. Ring Guard with Baguette Stones

A ring guard is a modern, stylish addition to frame your engagement ring. Are you looking for a little drama, something to elevate your ring to a new level? The baguette stones in this ring will elevate and surround your ring with a royal flair, making you feel like the magical queen that you are.  

5. Double Pointed Row Ring Guard

Another unique option is our Ring Guard with a Double Pointed Row. This regal ring guard has smaller diamonds, but still makes a statement and elevates your ring to another level.

Get Whimsical With Hitched

All of these styles are able to be customized based on your interest in size, metal color, and stone type with the option to choose from conflict-free natural diamond, lab-grown diamond, or gemstone. With Hitched, all of your fairytale aesthetic ring needs are covered. 

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