Grooms, Wearing A Wedding Band Means More Than You Think

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Photography: Lauren Alisse Photography

The Groom's Wedding Band 

We get it, many wedding traditions are super dated (a bouquet toss, really?). However, wearing a men’s wedding band is not one of those tired customs. Actually, it’s quite the opposite! That’s because men started wearing wedding bands in support of their brides during the fight for women’s rights and equality. Prior to the 60s, it was more common than not to see a married man without a wedding band. What’s up with that? Not only does wearing a wedding band show your love for your wife, but your respect and support for her as you embark on your new journey together. Read more about the history of the wedding band, how it has evolved, and what that means for your wedding band!


The History Of The Wedding Band  

The wedding ring has a deep history that goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed in the “vena amoris,” a mythical vein that runs from the ring finger to the heart. Wearing the ring on this finger signaled the love a bride had in her heart for her husband. This tradition prevailed through the Greek culture, whose rings were usually made of leather, bone, or ivory. The Romans began using iron for their rings with gold and silver reserved for the wealthy. Eventually, wedding bands began to indicate ownership of the bride by the husband. It wasn’t until the last century that men’s wedding bands gained popularity. The 1960s and 70s marked a rise in the prevalence of men’s wedding rings and of men’s rings in general (think rock ‘n roll and the heavily decorated bands of the 60s). It was especially during the fight for equality that men started adorning wedding bands in support of their brides.


Which Wedding Band Is Best For You?

Symbolism is always open to interpretation, but there are a few things that ring true. Wedding bands are circular and have no end, representing the eternal unity of marriage. Wedding bands are traditionally made of precious metals, which symbolize strength and beauty. Today, some couples stick with rings made of precious metals, while others step outside of the box and opt for contemporary metals, such as tungsten wedding bands or even ceramic. No matter what type of wedding band you choose, the metal will represent the strength that binds your marriage, and the tangibility of your ring is a constant reminder of the love and commitment made on your wedding day.  


Wedding Band Home Try-On

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