Where To Shop Wedding Bands In The Windy City

where to shop wedding bands in chicago

Where To Shop Wedding Bands In The Windy City

So, you've finally found the perfect engagement ring, and you thought the ring shopping was over. Well, think again. It’s time for wedding bands! In a city that can make a seemingly simple task feel like a real challenge, Hitched Chicago is here to help. Brace yourself for an experience that is truly all about you, where finding your dream wedding ring has never been easier.

The Hitched Chicago Wedding Band Experience

Step into a world where wedding band shopping is unlike any other - welcome to Hitched Chicago. What sets us apart is a fundamental shift in how you choose your perfect ring. No jewelry cases, no glass barriers, no limitations - just an open and inviting space where every piece is on display, ready to be touched, tried on and truly experienced. Feel the weight of each ring, run your fingers over the intricate details, and find the one that symbolizes your love story in an atmosphere designed to be low-key and customer-centric.

Largest Selection of Men’s Wedding Bands

If you didn’t know already, Hitched started as a small boutique partner specializing only in men’s wedding bands. Per our co-founder’s personal shopping experience, we discovered that the selection of men’s wedding rings is extremely limited. We assure you that’s not the case at Hitched and are recognized for having one of the largest selections of men’s wedding bands. And don’t worry ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you! Check out our equally impressive women’s collection stocked full with gold, diamond and contour bands.

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Custom Contour Rings & Heirloom Redesign

Don’t like what you see? Explore endless possibilities at Hitched! Our GIA Certified design team is ready to bring your dream wedding band to life. Whether it be a custom contour band made to sit flush with your engagement ring or a remake inspired by your wedding Pinterest board (come on, we know you have one), we always welcome the challenge to create something new just for you, even if that ‘something new’ isn’t really new at all. 

We take pride in our ability to repurpose heirloom jewelry into pieces that are practical for everyday wear while preserving the sentimental value they hold. After all, wedding bands are forever and we want you to love yours endlessly. 

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