Hitched Announces Their National Partnership With The Big Fake Wedding

hitched and the big fake wedding

Photographer: Enmuse Photography

Since their launch in June of 2018, Hitched has disrupted the way that consumers shop for men’s wedding bands by offering a fun and easy home try-on program. The Hitched home try-on makes the wedding band shopping experience direct-to consumer, highly personalized and pressure-free. With Hitched, customers can try on five wedding bands of their choice in the comfort of their home. They are even provided with a ring sizer, giving them everything they need to purchase their wedding band without ever having stepped foot into a jeweler – at a fraction of the cost.

“Hitched is just the type of vendor we look for when booking for The Big Fake Wedding, so we’re really excited to have them as part of our National Team. Hitched and The Big Fake Wedding are the same in that they both aim to modernize very stagnant areas of the wedding industry” – Julia, Director of Operations at The Big Fake Wedding

The Big Fake Wedding has revolutionized the way wedding brands connect to those planning a wedding. For brides and grooms, the event serves as a source of inspiration, a resource to find trusted wedding vendors and a way to have some fun while planning what will be the biggest day of their lives thus far. In 2019 there will be a total of 29 Big Fake Weddings across the country that will showcase vendors from each category including event planners and designers, florists, caterers, photographers, bridal dresses, groomswear, and many more. Hitched will be the exclusive vendor for men’s wedding bands and will be styling each groom to fit the theme of each Big Fake Wedding event. With their wide selection of wedding band metals and styles, they will be able to choose a different wedding band for each event.

Not only will the groom be sporting a Hitched wedding band to show off to the guests of the event, but all brides and grooms-to-be will have the opportunity to learn more about the Hitched home try-on program, get a first-hand look at some of their top selling wedding bands, and leave with exclusive discounts. Be sure to check out Hitched at the next Big Fake Wedding near you: 

  •     San Diego, 1/24
  •     Atlanta, 2/7
  •     Cincinnati, 2/21
  •     Houston, 3/24
  •     Cape Cod, 3/30
  •     Boulder, 3/31
  •     Charleston, 4/4
  •     Sacramento, 4/11
  •     Pittsburgh, 4/18
  •     Albuquerque, 5/2
  •     Los Angeles, 5/19
  •     Kansas City, 6/6
  •     Philadelphia, 6/20
  •     Detroit, 6/26
  •     Dallas, 7/11
  •     Chicago, 8/1
  •     Washington DC, 8/8
  •     Atlanta, 8/20
  •     Oklahoma City, 9/12
  •     Orange County, 9/19
  •     Phoenix, 9/26
  •     Orlando, 10/17
  •     Seattle, 10/24
  •     Austin, 11/7
  •     San Francisco, 11/12
  •     Nashville, 12/12

For more information about Hitched, visit: http://www.tryhitched.com

For more details about The Big Fake Wedding, visit: http://www.thebigfakewedding.com