Keep Wedding Planning Stress-Free With These Simple Tips

wedding planning tips

There are so many new and affordable services available to newlyweds, it’s really never been easier to navigate the months leading up to your procession down the aisle. Don’t let your wedding to-do list crush the excitement of your recent engagement. You can be a stress-free bride and remain within your wedding budget with these simple tips:


Tip #1: Stay organized with a wedding binder

Make it fun! Enlist the help of your maid-of-honor for a girls’ night in. Create tabs to keep everything in place - favorite magazine clippings, guest list, budget, venues, menus, dresses and seamstresses, vendors, wedding day essentials, and of course, a tab for the groom!

Tip #2: Better yet – hire a virtual wedding planner

Never heard of one? Virtual wedding planners take the wedding binder strides forward – all you have to do is tell them your personal wedding style. Local wedding coordinators can be costly; a virtual wedding expert, like The White Box, will put together a personalized package that takes the tedious work out of planning. With checklists, menu planning ideas, venue and vendor connections, and more, virtual wedding planners take the stress out of dealing with all the tiny details, and it’ll save you hundreds of dollars.

Tip #3: Get your groom on board!

Help him help you – he can do almost all his shopping online and from the comfort of home. We love The SuitShop and their stylish, classy tuxedos and suits they offer at a cost lower than a rental. Their online shopping tools make finding affordable wedding attire effortless for the guy who hates to shop. Speaking of guys who hate to shop – what better way to get your groom on board than to have wedding bands delivered to your home for your groom to try on? The Hitched men's wedding band home try-on delivers 5 men’s wedding bands of your choice to your door, where the two of you can take some time deciding on the perfect wedding ring.  The best part? They’re the same quality of the bands you’d find at the jeweler, at a fraction of the cost. 

Tip #4: Take a lover’s break

Try not to get so wrapped up in wedding planning that you forget the reason you’re getting married. Schedule some weekends leading up to the ceremony for just the two of you. Even short getaways, a couple of hours from your town, can help take the stress off the both of you. Try not to talk wedding either – a break can be a blessing.


Curious about our wedding band home try-on? See how it works or check out the styles we offer.