Philadelphia Jeweler Offers Lab-Grown Engagement Rings

Philadelphia Jeweler Offers Lab-Grown Engagement Rings

Philadelphia Jeweler Offers Lab-Grown Engagement Rings

Are you in search of the perfect engagement ring, one that not only captures the brilliance of a diamond but also aligns with your budget? Look no further, we are excited to introduce you to our stunning collection of lab-grown diamond engagement rings right here in Philadelphia, offering the beauty and benefits you've been dreaming without sacrificing quality. 

Why A Lab-Grown Diamond Might Be For You

When it comes to choosing the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, you're faced with a significant decision: lab-grown or natural, mined diamonds? Let's explore some compelling facts about lab-grown diamonds that might help you make an informed choice. 

Lab Grown Diamonds Can Be The More Earth-Friendly Choice

Unlike some natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are free from concerns related to unethical mining practices, conflict diamonds, or exploitation and are generally more sustainable that mined diamonds. 

Lab Grown Diamonds Allow For Exceptional Quality

Lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same brilliance, sparkle, and durability as natural diamonds. That's because the chemical makeup of lab-grown diamonds is the exact same as that of mined diamonds. There is no difference between the two aside from the way they are grown. 

Lab Grown Diamonds Are The More Affordable Option 

Lab-grown diamonds typically cost less than their natural counterparts, allowing you to invest in a larger or more intricate diamond or engagement ring design without compromising on quality.

Customize Your Lab Diamond Engagement Ring At Hitched Philadelphia

At Hitched, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, high-quality custom engagement ring settings that are equally as important as finding that perfect diamond. By opting for a lab-grown diamond, you can invest in our quality settings without breaking your budget. This will give you piece of mind that your engagement ring will stand the test of time and do your beautiful diamond justice. Book your appointment today to meet with one of our Philadelphia Jewelers to bring your dream lab grown diamond engagement ring to life. You'll be able to choose from our timeless signature settings, personalize it to make it yours, or build a completely unique custom setting. The choice is yours, and we make it easy. We can't wait to meet with you!