Tips for Planning the Perfect Elopement Wedding

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Tips for the Perfect Elopement

Elopement is the new buzz word for engaged couples planning a wedding. Elopements are small, intimate weddings that traditionally take place in a secret, far away location. However, with the state of the world today, choosing to elope is socially responsible, inexpensive, and can take place right in your own backyard. For a beautiful, socially-distant micro-wedding, that is romantic and timeless, an elopement is the perfect wedding adventure for lasting memories.  

While there are really no rules to eloping, you’ll still want to make sure the basics are in order. Get your marriage license and book an officiant and a wedding photographer – we’ve put together some tips for finding the best ones. Here are some tips on planning the perfect elopement wedding. 

When to Elope

It’s best to plan your elopement when the weather will be nice. Try and hold your wedding ceremony at sunrise or sunset, when the ambiance is romantic and perfect for photos. The location you choose will depend on the time of year. If you’re planning an elopement in an area that sees a high number of tourists, you might want to plan the wedding when the busy season dies down.

Pick an Elopement Venue

The best part about eloping is that, depending on the season, you can really get married anywhere that’s legal! Just make sure if you are on public lands, you do your research as to the legalities of the ceremony. Some of our favorite ideas - charter a yacht on your favorite lake, hike up a mountain peak, find a quiet ocean cove, rent out a forest cabin, or have it in your own backyard. 

Hire an Elopement Photographer 

Photographers who specialize in elopements are a necessity! They usually work alone, so they really need to have solid camera skills. A good elopement photographer shoots with a journalistic style, making themselves scarce, but in a way that they are able to capture the magic of the moment. Elopements are intimate affairs, and a good photographer will work hard to portray it that way. 

Find an Elopement Officiant 

While it’s easy to find a wedding officiant online, elopements call for a more intimate experience. Have a close relative or friend get ordained online and have them marry you! Just do a Google search - “get ordained to officiate a wedding” and then enter your state. You’ll find a few options for a quick ordainment, making your elopement even more special. Who knows you more than your friends and relatives? When someone close to you officiates your wedding, the ceremony usually ends up being more relaxed, humorous, and memorable. 

What to Wear to Your Elopement

What you wear to your elopement wedding really depends on the venue. Generally, the bride and groom have the freedom to dress casually and in nontraditional attire. If the two of you are planning to say I do on a high mountain peak, wear your hiking clothes and bring a backpack packed with the ceremony outfit. If you’re on a boat, you might even be more casual. One of the best parts about eloping is that there are no rules! 

The Elopement Backpack 

Before you leave for the venue there are a few things that you’ll want to bring along for your elopement: marriage license, the wedding rings, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, towel or blanket, a bottle of champagne, two champagne glasses, and snacks. Celebrate your new matrimony with a champagne and charcuterie picnic when the ceremony is over. 

Consider an Elopement Zoom or FaceTime 

Are there loved ones you really want to include? Or are your relatives and friends disappointed about not being able to be part of your wedding? Consider eloping on Zoom or FaceTime, so everyone can still be involved! Just make sure and bring a personal hotspot to your location if it’s remote so that you’ll have a good internet signal. 

Secure Your Wedding Bands 

In the age of social distancing, trying on wedding bands has never been easier! About 2 months prior to the wedding ceremony, order a set of wedding bands that you can try on at home. Our selection of men’s wedding bands include 14K gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten, and more. They are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and widths. Along with our selection of women’s wedding bands, many of our rings are fully customizable. 

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