When To Shop For Wedding Bands

when to shop for wedding bands

When Should You Shop For Your Wedding Bands? 

The sooner the better! While you may think you can wait until just a month or two before the wedding to finalize your rings, a delayed decision often becomes a rushed decision and puts both you and jewelry retailers in a stressful situation! Instead of stressing or risking delays on your dream rings (or even worse - not being able to get your rings in time at all), take a more proactive and relaxed approach to ring shopping by starting to shop for rings at least 6 months out form your wedding date. Doing so will simplify your wedding planning and ensure you have the perfect wedding bands with plenty of time to spare before your big day!

Aside from the peace of mind, essential steps in the wedding ring process like identifying local jewelers, verifying the right ring size, trying on rings at home, and landing on a mutual style decision can take some time. Wedding bands are designed to be worn for a lifetime. It only makes sense that some extra time and attention should be dedicated to this important process.

Early Wedding Ring Planning Prevents Budgeting Oversights

You’d be amazed at how many couples end up settling for a set of rings due to poor budget planning. By prioritizing the rings that you’ll wear for a lifetime over other wedding day details that come and go, you’re more likely to find a style you love without having to compromise. You may end up spending less on the cake or decorations, but that ring will be on your finger long after the reception party is over. 

So, what are a few simple steps you can take to find the right pair ahead of time? The easiest first step is to research local jewelers with great reviews, or online retailers that offer a home try-on programOnce you've identified 2-3 jewelry stores you'd like to check out, or once you've ordered your home try-on, the fun officially begins! It's time to find beautiful wedding bands that you'll want to wear for a lifetime with more than enough time to do it!

Experience A New Kind Of Jewelry Store

If you're the type of person who wants to shop IRL, Hitched is the perfect spot to go. Book your appointment to visit one of our local showrooms for a fun, educational and stress-free shopping experience. We don't believe in jewelry cases or high-pressure sales tactics, rather we strive to create a modern, approachable jewelry store environment where customers feel empowered and comfortable to make their own decisions at their own pace. If you live in the Philadelphia, DC or Chicago area, book your appointment now.

Try On Wedding Bands At Home

If you're not into shopping in person or you and your fiance have opposite schedules, opt for the Hitched home try-on. Choose from a generous variety of gold bands and modern tungsten designs, or order our women's home try-on kit to try on our best selling diamond bands. You can enjoy our kits for five days before making a decision. We recommend ordering your home try-on around 6 months out from your wedding date. 

Whether you visit us in-store or try on our rings at home, supporting your stress-free and confident ring decision is our sole focus at Hitched! Now what are you waiting for?