Your Guide To The Four Cs, Plus 3 Tips!

Your Guide To The Four Cs, Plus 3 Tips!
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Your Guide To The Four Cs, Plus 3 Expert Tips!

So you’re looking for that special diamond ring, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! You’ve likely heard of the Four Cs of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat. It’s the universal standard when it comes to grading diamond quality. We’ve put together your go-to guide to the Four Cs, along with 3 expert tips that you may not find elsewhere.

Breaking Down The Four Cs

Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond can refer to both the shape and craftsmanship, making it the most aesthetically noticeable aspect of the diamond. The craftsmanship of the cut plays a significant impact in the overall sparkle as it determines how light is captured and reflected. While only round diamonds receive a GIA cut grade, all diamond cuts are graded on the polish (quality and neatness) and symmetry (placement) of the facets. Regardless of shape, the facets should be smooth so that a mirror effect is created; this ensures that your diamond sparkles and shines.

3 stone round with tapered baguettes

*2.68 round lab diamond with G color, VVS2 clarity and excellent polish/symmetry 

Diamond Color

The second most aesthetically noticeable quality is color. Diamond color is ranked on a D to Z scale, from colorless to light yellow/brown. Colorless diamonds are the rarest and most valuable option, resulting in a higher price point. Near colorless diamonds are also a nice choice when selecting your stone. Opting for diamonds in the G-I range allows your diamond to sparkle while budgeting for other quality indicators. However, you may want to take into account the color of the metal in your engagement ring when determining the perfect color range for your diamond.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to the natural microscopic inclusions that occur when a diamond is formed. These inclusions can be both surface or internal. Depending on your diamond’s clarity, inclusions can range from visible to the naked eye to requiring a 10x magnification. On the clarity scale, anywhere from VVS1 to SI1 has few to no inclusions to the naked eye, which is a great option when selecting your ring! Based on your cut, clarity is definitely an area to invest in! Hitched primarily offers lab-grown diamond engagement rings, so a diamond in the VVS or VS clarity range is very attainable, and recommended for ultimate beauty. 

emerald lab engagement ring

*2.03 emerald lab diamond with F color, VS2 clarity, excellent polish and very good symmetry 

Diamond Carat

Carat, also known as diamond weight, is the most known of the Four C’s. The higher the carat, the better the diamond, right? Depends. Are you looking for a large diamond? Pay more attention to the diamond shape/size rather than the carat weight. Focusing on the diamond itself will help you build the diamond ring you’re imagining. While higher carat diamonds have more value, the same carat weight will look different depending on the cut and shape. 

So what should you take away from the Four Cs?

Cut - Does my diamond look neat and symmetrical?

Color - Nice place to invest! Colorless range from D-F and near colorless range from G-I.

Clarity - Nice place to invest! Anywhere between VVS1 to SI1 is a great choice.

Carat - Carat does not equal size. Focus on your desired look, rather than the weight!

3 Expert Tips From Hitched

  • Opt for a lab-grown diamond to get the most bang for your buck.
  • The lower the diamond color grade, the better it looks set into yellow gold versus a bright-white metal such as platinum or rhodium-plated white gold.
  • Pay attention to the location of inclusions and blemishes. An inclusion in the middle of your diamond can be more noticeable than a similar one that’s closer to the edge.

  • lab grown diamonds

    Photography: B More Visuals

    Learning the Four C’s are great guidelines selecting your diamond, but what’s most important when picking out or designing your engagement ring? Choosing a style you and your partner love. Each engagement ring is uniquely yours based on your desired qualities, so have fun and enjoy the ring of your dreams!

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