Want a Rose Gold Wedding Band?

Timeless and versatile, rose gold wedding rings continue to be a popular choice that will never go out of style. At Hitched, we offer rose gold wedding bands in both gold and tungsten. Shop now or try on at home!  

mens rose gold wedding band
14K Rose Gold

All of our gold wedding rings are available in rose! Alloyed with copper, rose gold is the most durable of the three golds and looks great on both light and dark skin tones.

rose tungsten wedding band
Rose Tungsten

Get the look for less! Rose tungsten is a great alternative to 14K rose gold if you are looking for a classic and timeless look but don't want to break the bank.

Rose Two-Tone Tungsten

If you’re looking for something with a bit more personality, our two-tone rose wedding bands might be for you. Available in both natural and black tungsten.

Home Try-On

We make it easy to choose the perfect rose gold wedding ring. Pick five different styles, place your order, and we’ll ship them to your home where you can get a better idea of how they look and feel. A real ringer sizer is included in your home try-on, so you can lock in the perfect fit.

What You Need to Know About 14K Gold

Steeped in tradition, gold is sleek, simple, and carries an air of prestige and refinement. The amount of gold in any piece of jewelry is measured in karats, with pure gold being 24K. Gold is a soft metal and in its purest form, it’s not strong enough to be used as a wedding ring – it requires the strength of other, less flexible metals such as zinc and copper. All of our rose gold wedding rings are 14K, the recommended karat for daily wearing. 

How 14K Rose Gold is Made 

Also known as red or pink gold, the understated rose color is made possible due to the addition of copper. A rose gold wedding band is stronger than yellow and white gold, due to copper’s durability. But take heed if you have sensitive skin; copper is not hypo-allergenic. And just like most wedding bands, it will still scratch with everyday wear and tear. If you notice the rose gold color beginning to dull, revive its sheen with a clean cloth. 

Why 14K Rose Gold is a Great Choice 

Rose gold wedding bands are a popular modern choice but carry a vintage feel. Rose gold men’s wedding bands are the strongest of the three gold color choices (yellow, white, and rose gold) due to the addition of copper. Plus, the rose-colored hue looks great on all skin tones. 

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