Why Hitched?

So why should you try and trust Hitched with such an important part of your wedding planning process and marriage to come? Well, we've been in your shoes! It wasn't long ago that we were spending our already busy weekends visiting jewelry stores in search of the perfect wedding band. After trying a few stores, it quickly became clear that finding a wedding band was not an easy process! If you aren't already aware, some of the pitfalls of shopping for men's wedding bands the traditional way include...

men's wedding band home try-on

Limited Selection

men's wedding band home try-on

Overpriced Bands

men's wedding band home try-on

One Size Does Not Fit All

Not only are men's wedding band selections underwhelming, but many jewelry stores only carry the bands in one sample size, making it difficult to actually try them on and get a true feel for how the band fits and feels - the entire purpose of going to a jewelry store! At Hitched, we understand that wedding planning can be stressful and timely, so our mission is to bring some fun and ease to this part of the journey by providing engaged couples everything they need to find the perfect men's wedding band, all in one little black box.

Don't take our word for it!

Still unsure? We offer a home try-on!