Why Hitched

Why Hitched?

So why should you trust Hitched with such an important piece of your wedding planning process and marriage to come? Well, we've been there. It wasn't long ago we were spending our already busy weekends visiting jewelry stores shopping for our wedding bands. We learned along the way that shopping for the men’s wedding band was not a great experience, especially when compared to shopping for the women's wedding band. If you aren't already aware, some of the pitfalls of shopping for men's wedding bands the traditional way include...

men's wedding band home try-on

Limited Selection

men's wedding band home try-on

Overpriced Bands

men's wedding band home try-on

One Size Does Not Fit All

Not only are men's wedding band selections underwhelming when compared to women's, but many jewelry stores only carry the wedding bands in one sample size, making it difficult to actually try the bands on and get a true feel for how each band looks and feels on your finger, the entire purpose of going to a jewelry store. Not to mention, the markup at a traditional jewelry store is 2-3 times more than what you would pay online.

At Hitched, we want to make the process of shopping and purchasing a men's wedding band not only affordable, but easy and enjoyable. The following comparison will help you better understand all of the different wedding band shopping options available, and why Hitched is the best place to shop for men's wedding bands.

Don't take our word for it!

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