Men’s Engagement Rings: Find His Perfect Ring

men's engagement rings

Men’s Engagement Rings: Find His Perfect Ring

So, you’re thinking about proposing to your boyfriend? As Alexis Rose says, “love that journey for you.” Popping the question is a big deal and very exciting! But finding his engagement ring can be quite intimidating. What’s his ring size? What type of metal and style would he love? These are all questions that Hitched can help you answer to ensure that you feel confident in your engagement ring purchase. The proposal? Well, that’s on you. You’ve got this! 

First, let’s clear things up: Is a men’s engagement ring different from a men’s wedding band?

Ed Sheeran paved the way when he announced in 2018 that he decided to wear a men’s engagement ring. More and more men are choosing to wear an engagement ring, and it only differs from a wedding band if you want it to! Some men choose to position their engagement ring as their wedding band, while others choose to keep them separate. Just like a woman’s engagement ring, men’s engagement rings can be worn from the time of proposal and forever after. Or, a second ring can be purchased reserving one ring for special occasions and the other for everyday wear. Some men who do the proposing also opt to purchase an engagement ring for themselves. It’s 2021 and there are no rules. You just do you!

Sounds great! So what are my options when it comes to men’s engagement ring metals and styles?

There’s no “one style fits all” for men’s engagement rings. At Hitched, we offer a wide variety of men’s ring styles to fit every guy’s personality! If you’re hoping to purchase a classic, heirloom engagement ring, you may want to opt for a precious metal such as 14K Gold or Platinum. Our options vary between four profiles including classic, flat, knife edge and milgrain, each available in either 4mm or 6mm widths. The nice thing about precious metals is that they are luxurious and can be resized up or down over the years. And if you’re hoping to add some bling to the ring, diamond and gold or platinum rings are an option as well. 

Or, maybe you are more interested in an engagement ring that offers durability and modernity! If so, you should consider a Tungsten engagement ring. Tungsten is incredibly durable and scratch resistant. In Tungsten, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors that are all priced at under $200. While Tungsten cannot be resized, we are happy to exchange the ring for you after the proposal once you’ve been able to nail down his ring size. You can even request a ring sizing tool with your wedding band purchase so that you can firm up his fit without having to visit a local jewelry store!

One little problem. I have no idea what his ring size is. What size should I go with? What if it doesn’t fit?

If you’re keeping this proposal a secret, chances are you have no idea what his ring size is. Even if he wears a ring on one of his other fingers, every single finger is slightly different. Our recommendation would be to make your best educated guess based on the average men’s ring size of size 9. If your guy is slimmer than average, his finger size is probably more in the 7-8 range. If your guy is larger than average, his finger size is probably more in the 10-12 range. 

Our recommendation is to take your best guess and know that through Hitched, you have the option to exchange the engagement ring after the proposal for the correct size. Again, you do have the option to request a ring sizing tool to solidify his ring size at home!

If he’s in on the surprise, you may as well make life easier and determine his ring size through The Ring Size App by Hitched. This is a free and easy way to find his ring size in no time!

Try on engagement rings at home for free!

Is your guy picky or you’re not sure what style they’d like? That’s where our home try-on comes in to play. Stay safe by picking out 5 wedding bands you think they’d like and all them to pick their favorite after the proposal! You can either propose with the home try-on box itself or pick one ring out of the 5 of your choice and then surprise him with the entire home try-on kit. This way he can weigh in on the style, and you can also firm up his ring size before making a commitment. 

No matter your gender, sexual orientation or style, an engagement ring is a clear sign of love. Making a life-long commitment to someone is something you should be able to share with the world and an engagement ring does just that. Get started by shopping our entire collection here!