From The Experts: Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

wedding ring engraving ideas

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

If you’re on the hunt for wedding ring engraving ideas, you’ve probably already picked out your perfect women’s or men’s wedding band. Congratulations, that’s an important accomplishment and puts you one step closer to your big day! What’s even better than finally finding your perfect wedding ring? Personalizing it with a sweet message that represents your love. Adding engraving to your gold or platinum wedding band is an easy and cost-effective way to make a timeless wedding band style uniquely yours. At Hitched, we offer a variety of engraving and customization options and have come up with some engraving ideas to inspire you while you build the ring of your dreams!

Keep it classic: Clean and minimalist ring engraving ideas

Your Initials
Play it safe by adding both of your initials with an &, + or <3 in between! This is a very classic and personalized engraving idea that you can’t go wrong with! If one of you is changing your last name, incorporate your new initial to really solidify your commitment!

wedding ring engraving ideas

Wedding Date
Adding the date that you’re tying the knot is a perfect engraving idea. It’s specific, special, and the whole reason you're buying a wedding band in the first place!

wedding ring engraving ideas


Custom Coordinates
Did you meet somewhere special? Have an incredible first date? Add the coordinates of that location to the inside of your wedding band! This is unique and also incredibly special, which is sure to make them smile every time they put on their wedding band.

wedding ring engraving ideas


Get Creative: Fun and quirky ring engraving ideas

A Secret Message
If you’re surprising your significant other, add in a simple and loving message to bring a tear to their eye. This makes for a sweet, elegant and unexpected surprise that only you two will understand! Love this idea? Make it extra sentimental with a hand-written message in your very own handwriting. Simply request our handwritten message template from and send it back for review and next steps!

wedding ring engraving ideas


Special Lyrics
Songs always hold a special meaning. Add a short lyric from a special song you share together or your first dance song! This is incredibly distinct to the two of you and is sure to always make them smile.

wedding ring engraving ideas


Fun Pairs

Want to get even more creative? Add engraving to both wedding bands! Come up with a fun pairing or a split message. This is a special and cute way to match each other and make it extremely sentimental. Here are a few creative ideas you are welcome to steal:

You’re the “this” to my “that”
Does your person complete you? Adding a “you’re the (insert here) to my (insert here)” on one wedding band and the opposite on the other. For example, “you’re the meatballs to my spaghetti” - you can really have fun with this one! 

Forever & Always
A classic option is the Forever & Always pairing. One of your wedding bands can read “forever” while the other says “always.” Traditional and classy, you can’t go wrong!

To Have and To Hold
A creative way to incorporate your vows into your wedding bands are by engraving “To Have” on one of your wedding bands and “To Hold” on the other. Add your wedding date or a heart to complete the look! 

Don’t take it too seriously, add an Emoji!
Make it extra fun by adding an emoji! You can add any emoji to your wedding band that you want. Just reach out to and one our Hitched representatives will get working on a mock up for you right away.

Last but not least, choose your desired engraving font

Hitched offers various engraving fonts to choose from to compliment your classic or modern wedding band. See below for the list of fonts you can choose from and which rings we recommend pairing them with! 

Bookman Classic - Looks great on all styles!
Typewriter - Recommended for use on the Flat and Knife Edge
Script - Recommended for use on the Classic and Milgrain
Lucida - Recommended for use on the Classic and Milgrain



Or, make any engraving text extra special by putting it in your handwriting! By now hopefully you’ve come up with the perfect engraving message and font to go along with it! All that’s left is to build your ring! Get started here

xo, The Hitched Team 

^See what we did there?