Falling In Love: Fall Wedding Planning Tips For The Groom

fall wedding tips for the groom

Photography: Kendall Nicole Studios

The stunning fall landscape makes autumn the perfect time of year to say “I do.” Leaves of deep red, gold, purple, and orange flutter about like natural confetti. The weather is cooler and tourist crowds disperse, opening up venue locales to your guests and wedding party. And while fall does bring with it perfect temperatures and romantic foliage, it is also wholly unpredictable, especially when it comes to the weather. Your bride may have it all figured out, but just in case, here are some tips especially for the groom. No matter what Mother Nature throws at you, you can make sure your fall wedding is as spectacular as the scenery. 



Depending on the location of your ceremony, it’s possible that the cool fall wedding you have planned will end up being more like the hot summer wedding you were trying to avoid. Be ready for warm temperatures and the onset of an Indian summer. Get ready in a cool room, have plenty of water for yourself and your groomsmen, as well as extra sticks of deodorant! Read this article on best practices for hot wedding days. 



While you and your bride are busy checking your weather app on the days leading up to the wedding and praying for the gods to bless you with perfect 72 degree temps and sunny skies, the truth is, fall weather is erratic and you might wake up in the morning with the threat of showers. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, have an indoor location scouted as a back-up. And don’t forget to have an open mind about it; sometimes the best memories are created when things don’t go quite as planned. 



Fall wedding planning 101: schedule your events around your team’s game schedule. While your bride and her family may have the perfect date in mind for your big day, remind them that there may be quite a few guests and attendants that have big plans for game day. Nobody wants to be walking down the aisle while the spectators are glancing down at their not-so-hidden phones checking game scores. That inappropriate cheer in the crowd as you wax poetically to your bride? You guessed it – touchdown!



Fingers do change width depending on the temperature. If it’s really hot outside, your finger might swell to a size that is bigger than normal. If a rogue storm rages through and it gets cold, your finger may shrink to a smaller size. Be prepared for that and try not to freak out if your bride can’t slip your wedding band on; it’s normal on a hot day. If it’s cold and rainy, and your finger has lost some of its girth, it’s okay to put the ring in a safe place while dancing the night away. Is your Fall wedding approaching and you’re still without a wedding ring? Check out our wedding band home try-on. It will save you time, money and stress leading up to the big day.


Fall is a beautiful time of year, albeit very unpredictable. You’ll be able to roll with the punches of any situation knowing that the day just might not go as planned. But that’s ok - it’s usually the surprises and mishaps that make for the best laughs and most lasting memories!