Do I Have To Wear The Same Wedding Band Forever?

men's wedding bands

When you’re shopping for a wedding band, you might feel some pressure to choose a ring that will be with you forever. But what if your tastes change? What if you lose or gain weight and it no longer fits? What if it goes out of style? What if it gets damaged or scratched and you no longer like the look of it?

Things change, and it’s okay for your wedding band to change along with you. You’re in luck too because men’s wedding bands are relatively affordable. The wedding bands we carry at Hitched are unmatched in quality and won’t break the bank. With rings starting at just $249, there is no reason you should hold on to a ring that no longer suits you. Here are some common reasons you might consider replacing your wedding band:


You’re Bored With Your Wedding Band

You have been wearing the same ring for a few years now and you’re ready to freshen it up with something new. It’s very common for women make additions and modifications to their bands, so why not partake in the fun? With two rings, you’ll be able to mix them up depending on your mood or activity you have lined up for the day. If you got married with a more traditional ring, we suggest sprucing it up a bit and trying your hand at something a little more modern. We sell a variety of unique wedding bands that are affordable and stylish. Browse our collection to see what catches your eye!


You Need Two Wedding Bands for Separate Occasions

If you’re the kind of man that works hard and plays hard, but also attends important business meetings or events, think about having a wedding ring for each occasion. In fact, you can have a traditional gold ring for special events, and a tougher tungsten ring for times when you’re more active. They can even look the same! But hey - they don’t have to either. That’s what’s great about our home try-on. You can choose up to five different rings, spend some time with them, learn about the different metals, and pick the wedding ring that will suit your specific lifestyle. 


Your Body Has Changed

Maybe you started a new workout program and lost some weight. Or you’ve settled into marital bliss and put on a few pounds. In any case, your wedding ring may not fit as perfectly as it did when you first said, “I do.” While 14K gold wedding bands can be resized, most contemporary metals cannot. No worries, head over to our large collection of men’s wedding bands and choose five that speak to you. We’ll send them to your house to try on along with a real ring sizer so you can lock-in your newest wedding band size. All of our home try-on kits come with all the tools necessary to get that perfect, and comfortable, wedding band back on your finger.


Your Ring Is Damaged

Some rings are more durable than others, but even the most durable of wedding bands will undergo some wear and tear over the years. If your wedding band is made from gold or another precious metal, your chances of restoring it back to the state it was in when you bought it are much higher than if you have a contemporary metal wedding band.  Learn about the differences between various metals to help you decide which direction you want to take with your new wedding band.


There are so many reasons why you might want to replace your men’s wedding band. At Hitched, we want to make it easy for you. Browse our selection of affordable wedding rings, learn about the different metals, pick your top five, and then order our home try-on kit. You’ll be able to resize your finger with our real ring sizer and update your wedding band to suit your current lifestyle. See how it works!