The Ultimate Men’s Wedding Band Buying Guide

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The Ultimate Men’s Wedding Band Buying Guide 

Shopping for a men’s wedding band has never been more convenient or stress-free. At Hitched, we’re committed to offering the best wedding band shopping experience possible. It all starts with helping our clients understand their wedding band options. If you’re just getting started in the process of finding an affordable wedding band, or your wedding is only a couple of months away, our ultimate men’s wedding band guide is for you! Learn when to place an order, who pays for your ring, what metals and designs are available, how the Hitched home try-on works, and more. Happy shopping! 


From precious to ultra-durable, there’s a wedding band metal for every type of groom. Traditional grooms feel elegant and refined with a precious metal ring. Our 14K gold rings are very affordable, starting at $499. Platinum is a rare metal and extends a certain level of prestige to the wearer, but comes at a higher price point, due to the ring’s purity. 14K gold wedding bands are available in yellow, white, and rose gold. Customize your precious metal wedding band further by choosing a finish in either polished, matte, scratched, brushed, hammer, or brushed hammer.   

Modern grooms, and traditional grooms on a budget, love our tungsten men’s wedding bands for their versatility and ability to mimic the precious metals. Tungsten makes for an extremely affordable wedding band, starting at only $149. There’s no sacrifice in quality with a tungsten band, their high durability makes them perfect for the active groom. 

Learn more about all wedding band metals and compare durability, resize-ability, weight, and more. 


Most of our men’s wedding bands come in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm widths. Which width is right for you? While the most common width for a men’s wedding band is 6mm, smaller and thicker sizes are common depending on hand size and comfort level. 

A 4mm width looks great on the man with smaller hands and it’s perfect for someone who is not used to wearing a ring, as thin wedding bands are lighter in weight. They are also less expensive if you’re interested in the precious metals, as they use less metal.

A 6mm wedding band makes a nice visual statement, without being too flashy. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and tend to look good on hands of all sizes.

An 8mm width looks great on grooms with larger hands. They make a statement, are visually impactful, and are perfect for men with a ring size of 12 or more. 8mm rings tend to feel tighter than the more narrow widths and are more commonly purchased in modern metals, like tungsten and titanium. 


Your best initial guess for wedding band size is our printable ring size chart. This will get you started, especially when you’re opting for a wedding band home try-on. Your home try-on kit comes with more than just your top wedding band picks - it comes with a real ring sizer, so you can lock in your wedding band size and feel confident ordering your final wedding band. 

If you don’t have access to a printer, the average men’s ring size is 9. Once you get your home try-on, use the included ring sizer tool to firm up your fit. We offer free exchanges within 30 days as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting the size wrong. 


Matching your wedding ring to your partner’s is common, however, it’s really up to the couple to determine what is right for them. At Hitched, we make it easy to go either way. We offer a stylish and contemporary line of women’s wedding bands, designed to make matching easy. If you’re two grooms, it’s even easier! 

Pick from a variety of metals, finishes, and colors, including white, yellow, rose gold, black, or with inlay. Finishes include polished, matte, scratched, brushed, hammer, and brushed hammer. Some grooms would like to match their significant other’s wedding band, but may not want to pay the price for a precious metal. Our tungsten wedding bands can mimic any precious metal at an affordable price. 

Here are our picks for his and hers wedding bands. 


Modern or traditional? Active or quiescent? Bold or understated? Hitched has a wedding band for that, and everything in between. 

Traditional grooms may choose to stick to the precious metals, like 14K gold and platinum. Our precious metal bands are available in yellow, white, and rose gold. Choose a finish, from polished and matte, to more rugged styles, like brushed, scratched, hammer, and brushed hammer. See our picks for traditional grooms. For additional affordability, tungsten wedding bands mimic the precious metals at an affordable price.

Durable metals like tungsten and titanium are great for our adventurous grooms who climb, bike, lift weights, boat, or work with their hands on a daily basis. Customize your ring to match your personality with colors like black, white, and rose gold. Select wood or colored inlay for added flair. 


Men’s wedding rings are one of the more affordable items you’ll purchase for your wedding. There is a wide variety of price points ranging from $30 to $1,000+. The determining factor in wedding band price point is metal and size. 

The precious metals (14K gold and platinum) cost more than more modern metals like tungsten and titanium. The great thing about tungsten is that it mimics the precious metals at a more affordable price. 

What you ultimately spend will depend on your taste, budget, and lifestyle. Here’s a handy guide.


When it comes to ring selection and purchase, tradition says that shopping for and buying the groom’s wedding band falls in the bride’s lap. However, maybe you're not concerned with tradition! In our experience, most couples shop for the men's wedding band together, which can be a really fun part of the wedding planning process. We know that most guys have never worn a ring before and that it can be difficult for the bride to find and size the perfect wedding band without the groom’s help. That’s when our home try-on comes in handy! Shop together, order your favorites, and try on your choices at home. 


Ideally, you should have your final wedding band selection on order at least a month before your wedding. If you’re using our home try-on, place the order for your kit at least two months before the wedding. 

In a time crunch? If your wedding is less than one month away, visit one of our Hitched showrooms. We have two locations, conveniently located in Philadelphia and Chicago, where you can come in, relax, and purchase a brand new wedding band. It’s not like going to a traditional jewelry store - the Hitched experience has been designed to offer a wedding band shopping experience without the stress, pressure, or high costs of a traditional jewelry store. Relax, get ring fitted, and take the opportunity to try on our entire wedding band collection at your leisure.


We are now offering a free home try-on! Select 5 wedding bands you love. Try them on for 5 days, explore their fit and feel, complete the return, purchase the ring you like, and ship them back. 

When should I order my home try-on? Within 60 days of your wedding. Upon placing your order, your home try-on kit will arrive within 6-8 business days. 

How do I get started? Visit the home try-on page to learn about the process. Then, browse our selection of men’s wedding bands. When you find one you like, click on “try at home.” When you’ve selected 5 wedding bands, continue on to add your shipping address and other details. 

How many wedding bands come in a home try-on? You get to choose up to 5 rings. 

How do I know what size to order? While the most common size for men’s wedding rings is 9, we also have a printable ring sizer to give our grooms a ballpark size. Select rings in a range of sizes for your home try-on. If you believe you’re a size 8, order an 8, 8.5, and 7.5 to be safe. You’ll receive a real ring sizer in your home try-on to lock in the perfect fit. 

How much does the home try-on cost? Nothing! Trying on your wedding bands at home is 100% free. 

What do I do when I get my home try-on? Try them on for 5 days, explore fit and feel, complete the return portal, buy the ring you like, and ship all 5 of ‘em back!

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