Who Buys The Groom's Wedding Ring?

who buys the groom's ring

Photographer: Tara Bielecki Photography

So it's time to wedding band shop, exciting! But who buys the groom's ring?


When it comes to men’s wedding bands, traditionally the bride does the shopping and purchasing. However, tradition is becoming a thing of the past and different couples have different preferences. What might work for one couple, might not do well for another. We’ve broken out how a Hitched wedding band home try-on can help you, no matter which of the following categories you fall into.


We're a Traditional Bride and Groom

There is something to be said about sticking with tradition. It makes for a romantic and truly enjoyable wedding experience. When it comes to ring selection and purchase, tradition says that shopping for and buying the groom’s wedding band falls in the bride’s lap. Are you a bride looking to keep to tradition but struggling with picking out your groom’s band? This is where Hitched becomes especially helpful. With our home try-on, you can choose five bands that you like (and think he will like) and surprise him at home. He can then seal the deal and firm up his size with the provided ring sizing tool. Convenient for you, fun for him! Get started by browsing our selection.


We're a Non-Traditional Bride and Groom

Maybe you're not concerned with tradition. That’s great! In our experience, most couples shop for the men's wedding band together, which can be a really fun part of the wedding planning process. We know that most guys have never worn a ring before and that it can be difficult for the bride to find and size the perfect wedding band without the groom’s help. With Hitched, brides and grooms can browse and shop together, all in the comfort of their home. Just grab the laptop, cozy up on the couch and explore the different men’s wedding bands we offer. Pick your desired home try-on kit together and it will be sent to you both along with a ring sizing tool. When the home try-on arrives, make it a date night! Start shopping.


who buys the groom's ring

We're Two Grooms and We Both Need a Wedding Band!

Two men, two rings! We can assure you that most traditional jewelry stores do not cater to men looking for their own wedding bands, so Hitched home try-on kits are perfect for two grooms getting ready to wed. Plan an evening in, jump on our website and shop together! Not sure if you want your rings to match or not? That’s okay, order two Hitched home try-on kits and receive 10 different rings to consider. Remember, your home try-on comes with a real ring sizing tool so that you both can firm up your ring size before placing your final wedding band orders. Order your home try-on.


No matter what your situation is, helping you find the right men’s wedding band is our specialty. With our wedding band home try-on, shopping for a wedding band is easy, fun and stress-free. Visit our website to learn more about Hitched and get started on finding your perfect wedding band.