Pre-Curated Kits

Choose your metal and ring size and we'll send you a well-rounded selection!
Step 1:
Find Your Ring Size

We provide two easy ways to determine your estimated ring size. Trust us on this one, you'll want to make sure the rings you order in your home try-on are not too small or way too large!

Step 2:
Choose Your Metal

Not all metals are the same. Read up on the wedding band materials we offer - gold, platinum, tungsten and wood - and the differences between them to determine which best fits your lifestyle & budget!

Once you've figured out which metal and ring size you'd like to order for your home try-on, just choose your kit! Simply select your ring size and add it to your cart!


If you know you want a tungsten wedding band, but are still figuring out which style, color, and width best suits you, our tungsten home try-on kit is the perfect solution!


Just choose your desired ring size and we'll send you the perfect mix of colors, styles and widths! Each kit will come with a real ring sizing tool and the five replica bands.


Want a more personalized home try-on experience? Build your own custom kit. Mix and match any five styles of your choice to try on at home in your desired ring size!