Why Does The Inside Fit Of Your Ring Matter?

Why Does The Inside Fit Of Your Ring Matter?

The perfect fit and comfort matter when shopping for a wedding ring that you’ll wear for a lifetime. Not only will a better-fitting ring feel better, but with the proper fit, you avoid the risk of losing the ring, hurting your finger, or experiencing remorse when that beautiful investment is uncomfortable to wear. 

Protect Your Wedding Ring Investment with Accurate Sizing

Along with the comfort and wearability associated with the right ring size, another important consideration is accurate ring sizing. While any gold or platinum materials are easily resized, if you select a custom ring or add engravings, they may be impacted by the resizing process.  

With other ring styles made from durable materials like tungsten, proper ring sizing is even more critical. Since metals like tungsten are so strong, it’s complicated to adjust the final size. Fortunately, we offer several ways to avoid any of these issues, and will gladly walk you through the sizing process for a lifetime of comfort and proactive protection of your investment. 

Accurately Measure Your Ring Size

Even if you think you know your ring size, it’s always a good idea to double-check and verify if your ring size has changed at all. Before you measure ring size at home, it’s also important that you take the measurement when your ring finger is at a normal temperature; cold temperatures can cause your finger to shrink, and heat and humidity can cause your finger to swell. With that in mind, we can help you find your exact ring size with: 

  • Our free, printable ring sizing chart
  • Our ring sizing tool included with every home try-on kit
  • At our showrooms in Chicago & Philadelphia

Experience A Better Fit With Hitched

We design rings with a comfort-fit inner layer that is professionally finished to promote all-day wearability as a standard with all of our wedding bands. All of our rings have a slight curve to prevent pinching. If you chose one of our precious metal choices, we use a little more metal. Although the pricing is higher than other options, this subtle addition ensures a more comfortable fit. While standard-fit rings may be tempting, there is a big difference in the quality and wearability of the ring that you won’t want to skimp on. Our precision processes enable accurate measurements that naturally rest on the finger more gently while preventing typical ring issues like slippage and uncomfortable tightness.

With our straightforward ring sizing steps, our goal is to get the most accurate proportion of your finger as possible and provide the most comfortable fit. However, if there is a concern and/or discomfort, all of our rings are backed by our no-hassle return policy and we can quickly resize any ring (except for tungsten - which we can exchange).