Groom's Wedding Checklist: How He Can Help Plan The Big Day

grooms wedding checklist

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More often than not, the bride has the majority of the wedding planning, such as flowers and decor, under control. But that's not to say that grooms can't or shouldn't be involved in the wedding planning process, too! Planning for your big day can become really overwhelming, so its best if the two of you team up to divide and conquer. Isn't that what marriage is all about afterall? Check out the list of wedding to-dos that groom's can take on: 

12+ Months

  • Decide on a Budget (together) - Who is paying for what? What can you afford? What contributions will you be receiving from your families? Your budget will be the baseline for all future wedding decision making, so get this step done early. 
  • Pick a Venue (together) - Wedding venues book up fast. Decide on where you want the ceremony and reception to take place and then put down a deposit. 
  • Pick Your Wedding Party - Who is going to be your best man? Who are your groomsmen? Make a list and then plan a special gathering or a unique way to ask them if they would like to stand with you at the altar. Bonus points: surprise her with flowers before your special gathering.

9 Months

  • Register for Gifts - Sit down with your bride-to-be and start shopping! This is your chance to get that sweet espresso machine you’ve always wanted. 
  • Create a Wedding Website - and send out the save-the-dates. 
  • Book the Entertainment - Grooms are usually put in charge of finding and booking the DJ or the band (or both! After party anyone?) 
  • Plan Your Guest List - This will be done in tandem with the bride and most likely, your and her family members.

6-8 Months

  • Book the Officiant - Who’s going to marry you two? It could be a close friend, relative, a local priest, or even Elvis. Now’s the time to get him lined up.  
  • Start Planning the Honeymoon - The best part! Where are you two going to consummate this union? Hawaii? Thailand? Disneyland? Get it planned and booked now. 
  • Decide on Transportation - How are you and your bride getting from the ceremony to the reception? What about your guests? What about your wedding party? Party bus, horse drawn carriage, limo, or your old Subaru - the choice is yours. 

3-5 Months

  • Book a Block of Rooms - Make sure your traveling guests have access to accommodations that are close to the venue and other guests. They’ll appreciate you for it. 
  • Order Your Tuxedo or Suit - and make sure your groomsmen order theirs as well! 
  • Choose Your Men’s Wedding Band – This is the easiest step! Tungsten men’s wedding rings, gold wedding bands, and a variety of customizations await you at Hitched (plus did you know you don’t even have to leave your couch to try them on and make your final decision? Here’s how home try-ons work). 
  • Attend the Tastings (yum) - Go ahead - just try it all. Indulge yourself! 
  • Send Out the Invitations - Your bride probably picked them out and ordered them. Grab ‘em, stamp ‘em, and throw ‘em in the mailbox. 

2 Months

  • Buy Your Bride a Wedding Gift - Splurge here. Get her something feminine that she will love. You know her better than anyone. 
  • Buy Your Groomsmen Gifts - The guys will love their newly engraved watches or custom Swiss Army Knives. The skies the limit here - have fun with it. 
  • Get a Marriage License - Don’t forget this important step! 
  • Pick a Song for the Mother & Groom Dance - Find a special tune that your mom will love. You’ll have the entire room in happy tears.  

1 Month

  • Go on a Romantic Date with Your Fiancé - Wedding planning is stressful. Rekindle the fire and go out for a fancy dinner. No wedding talk allowed!
  • Get a Haircut - Do it now so it has time to grow out just a bit, so it’s perfect on your wedding day. 
  • Confirm all Reservations - Call the venue. Call the band. Call the DJ and the bartenders. Make sure your wedding is on everyone’s calendars. 
  • Pick up Your Marriage License 
  • Put Cash in Envelopes for the Officiant, Entertainment, Bartenders, etc. - Don’t forget to pay everyone! Divvy up the cash in envelopes to be handed out at the reception. 
  • Write a Toast - It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not. Better to be prepared. 
  • Check in With Your Groomsmen - are they ready? Do they have their suits? Do they all fit? 
  • Write a Note for Your Bride - to be given to her while she is getting ready prior to the ceremony. Make it sweet and heart-felt. 

Wedding Day

  • Give Your Ring to the Ring Bearer or Best Man - Whoever is the more responsible one. 
  • Breath and Relax - hang with the guys, enjoy a beer (but don’t get drunk!), and take a deep breath.

It may seem like a lot, but when taken one step at a time, it’s not so bad. We’d love to help you find your men’s wedding band! Browse our selection and pick your five favorite wedding rings to be sent to your home for you to try on! Yep - it’s definitely the easiest check on your wedding planning list. See how Hitched home try-on works.