How to Prepare for a Wedding Band Appointment

How to Prepare for a Wedding Band Appointment

Marriage is one of the biggest milestones in every couple’s love story. It’s an exciting but undeniably busy event that requires months of planning. One of the things that require planning is the wedding band. It’s a symbol of their marriage and promise to spend the rest of their lifetimes together. Choosing a wedding band is more than just settling with one that catches your eye. It needs to be the perfect fit in terms of both size and style.

There are several things to plan and consider before you make an appointment with your preferred jeweler. Don’t know where to start? We’re happy to help you learn more about what you need to do before scheduling a wedding band appointment!

Figure Out What You Want

There are many specifications when it comes to getting your ideal band. Before you schedule your appointment, begin to research rings you think best suit both of you. Overwhelmed by the available choices? No need to worry. Our ring specialists can guide you through the latest trends and offer a variety of styles that are ready to ship. You can even discuss customization options. This includes elements such as the cut or shape, the material used for the band, the carat, and the size of the ring itself. It’s also worth considering how the wedding band will match your engagement ring. It’s not essential, but some couples prefer it. Some couples also like to customize their rings by having their initials, pet names, or a special message engraved on the band to make it more personal. Look at different wedding bands online and see what catches your interest.

From there, you make a cohesive list of all the things you want. Once you’re finished, set a realistic budget that matches your preferences.

Match Your Lifestyle

Wedding bands are meant to be worn the majority of the time and only taken off when it’s necessary. Make sure to find the best wedding band material that compliments your day-to-day responsibilities. Gold is one of the classic choices for wedding bands but it does wear out over time if you often perform tasks that involve a lot of hands-on activity. With jobs like this, investing in a tungsten or silicone ring might be the best move to avoid getting scratches on your ring.

Planning at Your Pace

Picking the right band is important and it may either be a quick decision or it will take time. But there is no need to stress. Whether you decided years ago on the type of ring you both wanted or you figured it out a month before your special day, once you know, schedule an appointment with a jeweler. At Hitched, we are known for our quick turnaround time. Whether you want a customized, personalized, or any of our other exquisite pieces, we can get it to both of you in under 30 days. We even have some of our tungsten rings in stock and ready to ship.

Do Your Research Before Picking a Jeweler

Picking the right place to have wedding rings made is equally important as knowing how you want the bands to look. Look for a credible jeweler with feedback from previous customers. Before scheduling an appointment, you take a look at their online reviews to decide whether or not they are worth trusting with one of the most important parts of your wedding.

Book an Appointment!

If you are looking for a jeweler to help you make your dream wedding a reality, do not hesitate to contact us!  At Hitched, we want the happiest day of your life to be as perfect as can be. We provide carefully crafted wedding bands for all couples in need. We have two showrooms, or if you’re not in the area, we have a unique selection of home try-on wedding bands to mix and match.

Once you have booked a date, start by getting familiar with our products and pricing online to see all our options ahead of your appointment. There’s no need to worry about your ring size, we have you covered! Your Hitched appointment will start with sizing and our team will make sure you find the perfect fit!