Why Hitched Is The Best For Men's Wedding Bands

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Looking for the best men's wedding bands? Look no further.

Jeweler, online retailer, or home try-on? Which is best when shopping for men’s wedding bands? Shopping for a wedding ring that you love can seem daunting, and we are here to make the process simple and enjoyable. If you are trying to decide whether a home try-on is for you, we have laid it out so that you can see why the Hitched wedding band home try-on is not only the best choice for your budget, but also for overall experience. While a home try-on is relatively new to the landscape, the benefits can’t be understated.

Why Hitched Is Better Than Shopping For Men's Wedding Bands At Your Local Jewelry Store

Step into any jewelry store and it’s very clear who that shop is targeting. With jewelry cases filled with women’s wedding bands and engagement rings, it’s pretty evident that it is not men. Jewelry stores typically have a small selection of men’s wedding bands in comparison to women’s wedding and engagement rings; not to mention they only carry bands in sample sizes, creating a relatively poor shopping experience. It is difficult to really gauge the weight and feel of a wedding band that you will be wearing day-to-day when your size is not available! When you finally find a ring that interests you, traditional jewelers then place your order which can take 1-2 months to arrive. With the Hitched home try-on, you are able to try on wedding bands of your choice and in your size, make a decision, place your order, and have your Hitched wedding band delivered to your home in as little as 1 week.

If you have looked at our ring selection, you might also notice that our rings are offered at 2-3 times less than what you would pay at a traditional jeweler. Hitched is able to offer rings at a lower price point because we cut out the middleman. We guarantee that we provide the same quality product you would find at a jewelry store at a more affordable price. At Hitched, you can shop for bands in the comfort of your home and still have all of the education and tools you need to make a purchase decision -- without the pushy salesperson.

mens wedding bands

Why Hitched Is Better Than Shopping For Men's Wedding Bands At Other Online Jewelry Retailers

Shopping online can be intimidating, especially when you are purchasing a high ticket item that's meant to suit you forever. When you order your wedding band without seeing it or trying it on first, you are risking ring comfort and quality. The Hitched wedding band home try-on option is a great value. Trying on five bands from a traditional online retailer would require you to shell out thousands of dollars. You run the risk of a lot of back and forth shipping, especially if you did not get your ring size right the first time. The Hitched home try-on is convenient, low risk, and provides you with all of the tools you need to find the perfect wedding band.

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Why The Hitched Home Try-On Is The Best Option When Shopping For Men's Rings

We do our best to make the process easy and fun and pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer experience. One of the ways we do this is through customer education. Our website is designed to take you through your wedding band selection journey easily and with confidence. Additionally, our home try-on experience is truly customizable. We send a real ring sizer, rather than an imitation one that you may find elsewhere, and we offer a variety of styles and metals to select from and you can mix and match five different wedding bands to try on at home. We do our best to make sure you have a great experience from start to finish. Your rings will arrive in a thoughtfully presented bundle and you’ll know that care was put into your package. Lastly, we give our grooms five days to decide because we truly want them to be confident in their wedding band purchase.


We are here for you. Shopping for men’s wedding bands should be exciting, not filled with anxiety. Try our wedding band home try-on. Start by exploring the process or learning more about wedding bands and metals by perusing our website.