The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands

men's tungsten wedding bands

Pros and Cons of a Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten is a hardy yet beautiful metal. Its versatility and durability is attractive to modern and traditional grooms. If you’re weighing out the pros and cons of tungsten compared to other wedding band metals, tungsten holds its own, even among the precious metals. 

The metal you ultimately choose for your wedding band will depend on several factors, including personal preference, lifestyle, and affordability. While the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to tungsten, grooms should know the truth about tungsten before making their final purchase. 


Tungsten is Affordable

Tungsten weddings bands have an amazing quality – they look expensive, but are really quite affordable. In fact, your bride can slip a brand new tungsten wedding ring on your finger for as little as $249. If you’re looking for something traditional, this Tungsten wedding band is a classic and a great alternative to 14K gold. Order it in yellow and you’ll have a timeless wedding band that mimics a traditional gold band. For something for modern and rugged, check out this 6mm flat brushed tungsten wedding band, available for only $249.  

Tungsten is Super Durable 

For the groom who loves working with his hands, going on adventures, or just tinkering on projects at home, a tungsten wedding band is a great choice. Tungsten is harder and stronger than titanium, so active grooms have the security of a long-lasting wedding band. However, tungsten is so hard that it can crack if it collides with another extremely hard surface. But don’t worry, it’s a rare occurrence and cracking is covered under our lifetime warranty. Tungsten’s scratch-resistant quality is a huge plus for the adventurous man. 

Tungsten is Versatile 

With over 60 tungsten wedding bands to choose from, customizing a tungsten ring that is as unique as you is easy. Traditional grooms love a tungsten ring with a smooth, polished finish in yellow. Grooms looking to straddle traditional and modern ring design might choose a ring with a rounded profile, while a flat profile imparts an ultra-modern look. Hitched tungsten rings are available in natural, yellow, rose, black, and with blue and red inlay. 

Tungsten is Low Maintenance 

Because tungsten is scratch-proof, it’s easy to maintain your wedding band. Tungsten can be polished by mixing warm water with detergent-free soap, then applying it gently with a soft cloth. Dry it with another clean cloth. When it’s polished up, the ring mimics any other precious metal. 

Tungsten is Hypoallergenic 

If you have sensitive skin, a tungsten wedding band may be just what you need. If you’re a traditional groom and really want a 14K gold wedding band, which can be an irritant, a yellow tungsten wedding band can be ordered to look just like gold. 


Tungsten CAN Break

Tungsten is an extremely hard metal. When it collides with another hard surface, it does have the potential to crack. It’s a very rare occurrence and covered under our lifetime warranty.

Tungsten Wedding Bands Cannot be Resized

If you want the option to resize your ring later, tungsten may not work for you. However, because it’s so affordable, if you find your tungsten ring not fitting anymore, you can order a new one in the future. 

Color Coating Can Scratch 

While tungsten itself is scratch-proof, color coatings are not. Tungsten wedding bands ordered in traditional grey will not scratch. Colored tungsten is tungsten that has actually been ion plated with other metals that are not quite as durable and scratch-proof as tungsten, so be sure to choose your tungsten color wisely and take your lifestyle into consideration. Want to play it safe? Go with a natural grey tungsten wedding band.

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