When Should I Start Shopping for My Wedding Band?

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When Should I Start Shopping for My Wedding Band?

Your wedding band is one of the most special purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. It’s a symbol of commitment, love, and ultimate devotion. It’s also an adornment you’ll be rocking on a daily basis, which is why you really want to weigh out all your options and allow plenty of time for wedding band shopping before making your final purchase (although, if you’ve procrastinated a little, no worries – we’ve got your back). 

At Hitched, we believe wedding band shopping should be a fun and enjoyable experience! Our company wasn’t around when we got engaged, so we know how difficult the experience can be when relying on traditional jewelers. No matter where you are on your wedding band timeline, you can still get your ring at Hitched. 

So, When Do I Start? 

Generally, men should start shopping for their wedding band 3-4 months before the wedding and make their final purchase about 10 weeks out. But if you’re late in the game (we know how things can sneak up on you when planning a wedding) and only have a couple or more months to go until your wedding day, you still have plenty of time to order and complete a Hitched home try-on and have your wedding band in time for the big day. 

If you’re on a real time crunch and your wedding is coming up in 30 days or less, we recommend using our online ring sizing guide and placing a direct order.

If you’ve got some time, start thinking about what metal, size, width and style works best for you.

What is the Best Metal for a Men’s Wedding Band? 

We have a wide variety of wedding band metals to choose from. The metal you decide on is dependent on your lifestyle, personal style, and budget. If you’re into the precious metals, Platinum and 14 Karat Gold are traditional and timeless, and a great choice for couples who want their rings to match. These wedding bands can be a bit more high maintenance than the other metals and are prone to show wear and tear over time. 

If you’re an active groom and love spending days at the gym, riding a bike, on the boat, or working with your hands at the shop or at work, a more durable wedding band metal may be just what you need. Tungsten and Titanium wedding bands are both extremely durable and are highly scratch-resistant. The best part about Tungsten is that it does a great job of mimicking 14K Gold, at a more affordable price.

Other options include Ceramic, which is extremely durable, light-weight and hypo-allergenic. Known for its bright-white brilliance, Cobalt is also super durable, can be resized down the road, and is one of our most affordable wedding bands, starting at just $149. 

What Size Wedding Band Should I Order? 

It’s ok if you don’t know your ring size – most men don’t! But if you’re looking for a place to start, the average ring size for men is 9. Don’t overthink it though; sizing your finger is easy with Hitched. Before ordering your home try-on kit, download our printable ring sizer to get a general idea for your ring size. Use that as a guide for your home try-on kit. When you get your home try-on in the mail, you’ll also receive a real wedding band ring sizer, so you can make sure you’re getting exactly the right fit for your wedding ring. 

What About Wedding Band Widths? 

Hitched carries rings in 4mm through 8mm, depending on the metal and design. 4mm wedding bands are considered thin and look great on the man who has smaller hands. If you’re not used to wearing a ring, thin wedding bands are lighter in weight, fit looser and can be more comfortable than thick bands. They use less metal, so are less expensive for precious metal bands.

The most common width is 6mm. Suitable for most grooms, 6mm wedding bands make a nice visual statement without being too flashy.  They are comfortable, easy to wear and tend to look good on just about anyone.

Grooms with larger hands do well with 8mm wedding bands. They are visually impactful for the man looking to make a statement with his ring and are perfect for men with a ring size of 12 or more. 8mm rings tend to feel tighter than the more narrow widths and are more commonly purchased in modern metals, like Tungsten. 

Looking for a width that’s in between? Some of our bands are available in 5mm and 7mm. Just ask a Hitched representative for more information.

What’s My Wedding Band Style?

Modern or traditional? Flashy or subdued? Hitched men’s wedding bands are fully customizable and come in yellow, white, rose gold, and black. We have rings with wooden, meteorite, and colorful inlays. Looking for a unique finish? We have that too - our wedding bands can be made with a traditional sleek finish or in matte, scratched, brushed, brushed hammer, and hammer. 

Conventional grooms might stick with the precious metals, while modern guys may lean toward Tungsten or Black Ceramic. Active men should stick with the more durable metals. 

If you like a little flare, consider a wedding band with an interior color. Choose from blue, black, rose, and yellow to either match your bride’s wedding ring or make a modern statement. 

But don’t limit yourself. Hitched wedding bands are so affordable, it’s not uncommon for grooms to invest in more than one wedding ring - one for special occasions and another for daily wear. We also carry silicone rings that can be worn all day, every day, without the worry of losing or damaging your more precious ring. 

No more dealing with cheesy and uneducated jewelry salesmen. No more trips to the jewelry store. With Hitched you can shop right from your couch. Order your wedding band home try-on kit today and make wedding band shopping fun again. See how it works