The Ring Size App™

ring size app

The Ring Size App™ by Hitched Makes Finding Your Ring Size At Home A Breeze

**2022 Update** App is no longer available for download. To determine your ring size, order a FREE home try-on now or visit our ring sizing page for more information. 

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Google “how to find my ring size” and you’ll find hundreds of the same ring sizing charts in the search results. Are they all the same? Pretty much. Do they work? Questionable. The problem with ring size charts is that not only do they require you to have an operating printer, scissors and the patience to wrap a piece of paper around your finger, but even if you do everything right they are not super accurate! We know this is frustrating, so we are excited to finally announce The Ring Size App™ by Hitched! Free to download and easy to use, gone are the days of fussing with printable ring size charts or getting sized at the jewelry store.

Download The Ring Sizing App Here.

All you have to do is download the free app, open it up and use your ring finger to determine your ring size. The app was developed in a way that - for IOS14 users - you just hold your phone over your ring finger and it will scan your finger and POOF provide your ring size. For Android and older IOS users, it’s just as easy. Simply place your ring finger on your phone screen, adjust the sizing lines to outline your finger and you’ll have your ring size in minutes!

Ring Size? Check. Wedding Band? We Can Help With That, Too. 

Once you’ve downloaded the ring size app and determined your ring size, you can purchase your Hitched wedding band directly from our website. At Hitched, you can choose from a variety of DiamondTungsten, Gold or Platinum wedding bands starting at just $249! Start shopping.

The Home Try-On: We’re Really Making This Easy For You.

Not sure what metal is best for you or which style you like? That’s okay. Hitched is your go-to resource for all things wedding bands. Learn more about metals here, and our free and fun home try-on program here. With the Hitched home try-on, you can choose five rings in your ring size (‘gon brush your shoulder off) to try on at home for five days. Knowing your ring size prior to placing your home try-on order makes for a much better home try-on experience and spending five days with the styles really helps in your decision making process! To get started, browse home try-on kits.

Happy wedding band shopping!