7 Things You Should Know About Men’s Gold Wedding Bands

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Gold Wedding Bands For Men: What To Know

Gold is a timeless metal choice for a men’s wedding band; it’s classic, traditional, and it always looks good, even after some wear and tear. If you’ve been doing your research, you know by now that gold wedding bands come in a wide range of options, from color to style to finish. Not only are gold wedding bands fully customizable to suit your specific needs and style, if you avoid going to a traditional jeweler, you can easily find a ring that fits within your budget. Here is the full list of things you should know about men’s gold wedding bands:

Gold Wedding Bands For Men Are Affordable And Start At Just $449.

An internet search for men’s gold wedding bands results in an ungodly amount of options with an even wider price range. And at a traditional jeweler, you’ll find astronomical prices that make you question just about everything you may have seen online! At Hitched we keep it simple by cutting out the middle man, which allows us to offer grooms 14K gold wedding bands starting at just $599 and 10K gold wedding bands starting at just $449. The best part? All of our wedding bands are a comfort-fit, so we haven't sacrificed quality. 

Gold Wedding Bands For Men Come In A Variety Of Colors.

Not all gold wedding bands take on the yellow hue of Gollum’s precious One Ring. Consider getting a white gold or rose gold ring. These options are especially handy if you and your bride are looking to have your wedding rings match. While yellow is traditional and classic, white gold takes on a bright silver hue and goes with everything, and rose gold is sleek and beautiful with a more modern flavor. Do you want a Platinum band instead? No problem, all of our men's wedding band styles are also available in Platinum.

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Men's Gold Wedding Bands Are Available In Different Styles.    

There are a variety of profile options available for gold wedding bands that make it easy to flaunt your personal style. The classic gold band comes with a rounded profile. For a more edgy ultra-modern design, the flat profile is a perfect choice. Our milgrain wedding band is beautifully detailed and boldly traditional. Browse our entire selection of gold wedding bands to compare the various cuts available. All of our styles come in a comfort-fit for easy wear.

Wide or Narrow? Men's Wedding Bands Come In A Variety Of Widths.   

Gold wedding bands are available in various widths. When choosing the right size for you, you’ll want to consider comfort and your finger size. While there are no steadfast rules, men with smaller hands often opt for thinner bands, while men with larger hands tend to prefer a thick wedding ring. Read this article to learn more about the different widths available for men’s wedding bands and get advice on how to decide what will work best for you. Or order a home try-on.

Gold Wedding Bands Can Be Polished, Matte, Hammered, And More.

Some like shiny and polished while others prefer muted and subdued. With a variety of finishes to choose from your ring can be made to match your style perfectly. Our gold men’s wedding bands come in polished, matte, brushed, and more. Give your band some flare with these popular finishes.

Men's Gold Wedding Bands Can Be Engraved With A Special Message.

Give your wedding band that final personal touch that makes it truly different from all other rings. Custom engraving by Hitched allows you to create a timeless piece by etching in your wedding date, a favorite saying, your bride’s name, or anything else that speaks to your unique relationship.

You Can Try On A Variety Of Men's Gold Bands On Before Purchasing!

With so many options available, how do you go about choosing the perfect wedding band? That’s where Hitched home try-on kits come in. We make choosing the perfect ring effortless. Learn how the Hitched home try-on works, browse our selection of affordable gold wedding bands (or mix and match with other metals and materials), pick your top five, then sit back and relax while we package up your selections for you to try on at home. It’s really that easy. Learn more here.